Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Canyon Bakehouse Focaccia

We were at the store and saw Canyon Bakehouse Rosemary and Thyme Focaccia in the frozen section.  Let's try it.

Interestingly their are no reheating instructions on the bag.  We were grilling that night and cut four squares off the big loaf.  I wrapped them in tin foil and put them on the top rack.  Long enough to defrost and warm up.

I liked it, my little guy said it was great.  The rosemary and thyme flavor is definitely there.  It was a bit chewy in the middle so I might cook it even longer next time.

Just another option for a quick GF side dish,

The Un-Gluten Guy

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Creamy Cole Slaw

Cole slaw seems to be an American backyard BBQ staple.  I don't like super creamy or soggy cole slaw.  We were at the store and a local farm had some beautiful green and red cabbage that was just asking to be turned into coleslaw.  I served it with some hamburgers with made with ground beef, ground turkey and ground pork topped with cheese, avocado and bbq sauce served on an Udi's roll.

Since I have not given out my cole slaw recipe - here it is.

1/2 GF Mayo or mayo substitute
2 tablespoons + 1 teaspoon of white vinegar (I have used rice wine vinegar when its all I have)
2 tsp sugar
1 tsp GF dijon mustard
pinch or about 1/8 tsp of celery salt

2 large carrots pealed and shreded
2 heads of cabbage (I use one green and one red)
1 small to medium onion diced

salt & pepper
celery or caraway seeds (optional)

1.  Wash and then thinly slice the cabbage, salt the cabbage, toss and set aside.
2.  Peel then shred the carrots.  Alternatively you can buy pre-shreeded.
3.  Dice the onion and reserve in a bowl.
4.  In a mixing bowl mix the mayo, vinegar, sugar, mustard and celery salt and mix well.
5.  Rinse the cabbage well in cold water then dry.
6.  Mix the cabbage, carrots, onions, and sauce together.  Keep in the fridge for an hour or two before serving.  The leftovers are usually still good the following day but the cabbage loses a bit of its crunch.  Some people add the seeds at the end but I do not.

Make it for you next bbq, people will love it.

The Un-Gluten Guy

Friday, May 10, 2013

Miami & South Beach

I had a meeting to go to in South Beach.  We had hoped to make it a long weekend getaway but could not find a baby sitter.  Instead I made a quick solo trip.  I brought food along (never know what is going to happen) but I found a few cool finds.

For starters I usually make a quinoa salad for the airplane.  It travels well and is packed with vegetables.
I made this one with red onion, tomatoes, yellow squash and peas.  I dressed it with a vinaigrette made with mustard, rice wine vinegar and olive oil.  Super easy vinaigrette 1 - 3 - 4.  1 tablespoon mustard, 3 tbsp vinegar and 4 tbsp oil and whisk well.

Once I arrived I got settled at the hotel.  I drove out to The Green Wave Cafe.  This is located in Plantation, Florida and only a short drive from South Beach.

They are a gluten free, organic, vegan restaurant.  I was told the owner was diagnsoed with cancer and went to an organic, vegan GF diet and this was the culmination of that.  Everything is made fresh in house and although I am not vegan it was all very good.  I was hungry after traveling so I started with the side salad that came with my burger.  It was served with a green onion dressing that was super good.

For dinner I had their signature dish - the cheese burger.  It was a vegan patty which was good, I do eat meat so I would not say it was as good as a burger but it was tasty.  The vegan cheese sauce was good and it was topped with tons of fresh vegetables.  The "bun" was great.  It was an onion flat bread.  I can only explain is as the thickness and consistency of a pita - but it tasted great.

I was still hungry so I ordered their sushi.  Tons of vegetables and served with pickled ginger, wasabi and GF tamari - of course.  Really tasty.

I got a salad and hummus sandwich to go for lunch the next day.  I wanted to try the tacos but I was too full.  If you happen to be in the area it is worth the trip.

I spent a little time fishing in Key Biscayne.  Unfortunately no caught fish but saw some cool sharks and rays.  The tarpon migration has not really happened.  Saw two bonefish and got one to chase my fly but he wasn't hungry and almost got a cow fish to take the fly but he was interested either.

Dinner time.  I was told by a friend that I had to go to this one restaurant - so I did.  Ola is located in the Sanctuary Hotel in South Beach.  I called and spoke with Albert, the manager, and he was helpful.  The bread they serve is GF and many items are gluten free or than can make a dish GF.  When I arrived I met him and he said that the kitchen was aware.  I can't remember the name of my server but she was very helpful, she knew the menu well and was able to direct me to what was GF.

I started with their bread.  It is made with Yuca flour which is tapioca flour.  I found out it was the third largest source of carbs for human food in the world.  They mix it with butter and queso fresco.  This was super good and I'm going to have to try to make it at home.

I came for the ceviche.  I started with the lobster ceviche.  It was served with lime juice, chili spiced cucumber, corn and tarragon.  It was topped with a watermelon sorbet, I believe, which cut the spice.  It was outstanding.

For my entree I had cuban pork.  This dish was the only GF mixup.  It was first brought to me with a fried pork skin as a topping/garnish.  I had to ask for the waitress because it was possible they fried it up separately but I wasn't going to take a chance.  It was a mistake and the dish was taken back to the kitchen and remade.  I did not mind the wait - when it arrived it was delicious.  It was served over a mash with vegetables and mustard.  The meat was cooked perfectly and the sauces were delicious.

For dessert I didn't have many options except for sorbet.  So I ordered more ceviche.  This time I had the Wahoo.  It is served with watermelon jalapeno juice with basil, diced cantaloupe, red onions and cucumber sorbet (I got the sorbet after all).  This was just a good as the lobster ceviche.

Early the next morning it was off to the airport and on my way home.  I had some GF oatmeal packets and got a coffee and hot water at the airport.  An apple, nuts and a kind bar got me home.

Just a few options for next time your in Miami,

The Un-Gluten Guy 

Monday, May 6, 2013

Some of my favorite GF Recipes

In the spirit of Celiac Disease Awareness Month I thought I would go back to some of my recipes that I really like.  Essentially my top ten recipes covering appetizers through dessert.  For those of you that are new to my blog or twitter feeds it is an easy click and go table of contents.  Hope you enjoy.


1.  Yummy Cheese Crisps

These are by far my kids favorite.  Super easy to make and delicious

2.  Eggplant Spread
Eggplant is so easy to grow.  When you are looking for something yummy and easy.

3.  GF Tempura
One of the things I missed, but now make at home.

4.  Salad (Two very different salads but both very good)
  Caesar Salad
The Classic

  Fennel Salad
A great summer salad.

5. Soup (My two favorites)

  GF French Onion Soup
Another classic - it speaks for itself.

GF Vegetable Soup
Great in the fall/winter.  It warms the soul and its packed with vitamins.


6.  Asparagus Noodles
This goes well with fish and other dishes and it a neat, new way to serve asparagus.  Yes, the green noodles are plain asparagus.

7.  Pan Seared Trout with fall vegetables
One of our favorites.

8.  Pulled Pork
A great weekend dish.


9.  Chocolate Chip Cookies
Enough said - pour yourself a glass of milk.

10.  Homemade Brownies
My kids all time favorite dessert.

Honorable mention goes to my Risotto with pan seared Scallops.  Ironically, I posted this last May for celiac disease awareness month.

Hope you enjoy them,

The Un-Gluten Guy

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Blue Point Restaurant

We had planned to go out to dinner on Saturday night but that didn't work out.  So we changed plans and went out Sunday, not the best night to eat out at restaurants, but we had a sitter.

We had planned to go to J Six in the Solamar Hotel in San Diego.  I have had good experiences here in the past.  We were seated and took a look at the menu.  I had one appetizer option - a GF salad.  For dinner I had a seared albacore tuna option but since I had just had really good sushi for lunch I was not in the mood for more.  Two red meat dishes but I am not a big red meat eater.  The chicken looked good but I was told they could not guarantee the risotto it came with was gluten free and a portion of the chicken was prepared confit and they could not guarantee that it was GF.  Well how about the chop - couldn't guarantee that the side of polenta was GF.  REALLY?!?  Why even list it on the menu as GF.

So we left.

Off to another restaurant we have been to before - Saltbox.  They are closed on Sunday and Monday.  The only two options on the bar menu that was GF was popcorn and olives.


We walked down fifth street and ran into a friend who had just left Blue Point where they were having Oysterfest.  We decided to try it.  What a great choice.

I asked the hostess if they could accommodate me with GF food and she said "yes, 100% sure."  I then realized it was one of the Cohn Restaurants and they have done a good deal of education in the past year, so we sat down.

Chris was our waiter and was very nice and helpful and took time to double check some items to make sure that they were GF.  I had the oysters of course, my wife started with the shrimp cocktail.  Six super fresh and delicious oysters (if you like oysters, which I do).  They were each different, with a nice brininess, texture and flavor.  There were two that really stood out but I can't remember which ones they were.  I did have some shrimp too which was good.  The horseradish is fresh ground in house and the cocktail sauce is house-made - both GF.

For dinner I had the Barramundi fish which was sauteed, served with a cauliflower puree and corn succotash with lima beans and peppers.  Super delicious.  The color and texture contrast of the succotash with the fish was great.

Joe the Chef (didn't catch his last name) even came over to the table after I was served the entree just to see how things were.  He let me know that everything was prepared GF and safe to eat.  Things like that do so much to put me at ease when I am eating out.

For dessert we split the Chocolate Truffle Cake which is GF and a flour-less chocolate cake served with homemade ice cream.  A nice ending to a great meal.

What started out looking like a disaster night turned out to be great.  We had a nice stroll through downtown San Diego, ran into a friend, tried a new restaurant, had a great GF meal with excellent company.

Try this place out - I think you will really enjoy it,

The Un-Gluten Guy