Sunday, July 13, 2014

Terra Verde Farms

We like salsa.  Salsa on chips, eggs, pork, chicken, shrimp, on platters, tacos, and burritos.  We make homemade salsa too but it is nice to have a go to jar available in the house.   There are lots of brands we have tried and a few that have found their way into our kitchen for being both good and GF (Organicville, Cookwell & Company and Mrs. Renfro's).

My wife picked up a jar of Terra Verde Farms Green Chile Salsa.  It is vegan, soy and gluten free.  It tastes fresh - a lot of that depends on the tomatoes and chiles and onions they use and they must have a great fresh supply of fruits and vegetables (yes, if you didn't know a tomato is a fruit).  The salsa has just the right amount of heat and kick.

They are located in Carlsbad, California (Just north of San Diego) and looks like they have another office in Arizona.  As of today they have a new website being produced so it under construction until the  end of July but I am hoping to see what other products they have available.

Stay tuned,

The Un-gluten Guy

Update 7/16/14

We picked up some more over the weekend and the tomato sauce was a hit with the kids.  We grabbed a pamphlet which noted that all of their products are made with no chemical preservatives, they are all natural - vegan - gluten and soy free.  Their list of preserves includes: apricot, peach-blackberry, plum, raspberry cocoa, blackberry, and strawberry lavender.  They offer blood orange and Meyer lemon marmalade.

How about marinades and sauces?  They have those too.  Listed are a blackberry lavender sauce, tomato walnut vinaigrette, peach pear apple ginger hot sauce, and plum chipotle.

Chile and Tomato products:  Green chile salsa, hatch green chile sauce (which we bought but have not opened yet), and tomato basil garlic sauce.

Other items include Spicy O's, Capsaicin Sensation Jalapeno Marinade, lavender pepper and maple pepper.


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