Sunday, December 8, 2013

Turkey Day 2013

This year I choose to do something different.  Every year I'm working, shopping and then come Thanksgiving Day I'm off of work.  And you know what I do - wake up early, cook and cook and cook and cook.  We eat and then spend way too much time cleaning up.  By the time friday rolls around its back to work and I'm tired.

And what is the best part of Thanksgiving?  Leftovers!

So this year I decided to eat leftovers for Thanksgiving.  No cooking, no cleaning.  Just eating, watching football, more eating, playing football, drinking and lots of dessert.


On Sunday I made the ice creams - cinnamon and mint chocolate chip.

For the Philadelphia Style Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
Mix together 2 cups 2% milk, 2 cups heavy cream, 1 cup sugar, 1 tsp peppermint extract, 1 tsp GF vanilla extract, 1/2 tsp salt.  Place into ice cream maker.  Once it is done stir in 1 cup of mini chips and store in freezer

For the Cinnamon Ice Cream

Mix 1 1/2 Cups of half & half and 1 cup sugar over medium heat until sugar is dissolved.  Whisk 2 eggs in a separate bowl.  Pour half of the half&half plus sugar mixture into the eggs and whisk.  Then pour the egg mixture back into the pot and add 1 cup of heavy cream and stir over low to medium heat until it starts to thicken (it should coat the back of a metal spoon).  Remove from heat and mix in 1 tsp GF vanilla extract and 2 tsp ground cinnamon.  Place in refrigerator to cool then add to ice cream maker.

I also made my brine.  This year I decided to try Fire and Flavor Turkey Brine.  They offer GF brine mixtures along with a brining bag.  I made the brine and placed it into the refrigerator to cool.


Went to work - long day.  Came home and did wine tasting.


Brined the Turkey.


Cooked the Turkey.  I stuffed it with fresh rosemary, thyme, onions and apples.  Buttered the skin and sprinkled with a blend of salt, paprika, smoked paprika, rosemary, thyme, onion powder and garlic powder.  Let it rest and carved it up.  The kids ate some for dinner.  Placed it in the fridge for tomorrow.

Made the stuffing.  This year I used Whole Foods GF Bakehouse.  I sauteed some pancetta in a pan and removed the crispy pancetta (reserve for later).  Then add butter to the pan and sautee onions and celery ( I also added a carrot this year).  Mix in with your stuffing bread and warm chicken broth and mix with your hands.  You want it moist but not too wet, for 2 bags of stuffing it was almost 2 Cups of broth.  Pour into a well buttered pan and top with the crispy pancetta.  Cover and cook in the over about 45 minutes - remove the foil for the last 10 minutes to crisp the top.

I also made my cranberry sauce.  Add 1/2 Cup water, 1/2 cup OJ (fresh squeezed is best), 1/2 Cup sugar over low heat and dissolve the sugar.  Add a 12 oz package of fresh cranberries.  Simmer until they all pop.  I then mash them up, if you like it very smooth you could blend them in a blender or Vitamix.  I then add a teaspoon of maple syrup.


I made Corn bread.  I used Bob's Red Mill corn bread mix.  Add eggs and butter - so easy.

For lunch I had a panini.  Used Udi's GF bread with my cranberry sauce, stuffing, turkey and brie.  So good!!

Then we all went to the movies and saw Frozen.

Once the kids started getting hungry it was dinner time.

We reheated the breast and legs in the oven to re-crisp the skin.  Placed the stuffing dish in the oven to heat and re-crisp the top.  The only thing that was made was fresh mashed potatoes.
Sit back and enjoy the food.

Happy Holidays,

The Un-Gluten Guy

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Gluten Free Whiskey

Whiskey, scotch, bourbon.  So you have Irish Whiskey, Scotch from Scotland, Canadian Whiskey and American Bourbon.  Depending on where and who determines if it is made from corn, barley, rye or wheat.  There is lies the dilemma for us celiacs or those sensitive to gluten.  On the other hand distillation is supposed to get rid of the gluten proteins and therefore be safe for those who have to avoid gluten.  Search online and you will find varying opinions of which ones are safe and who had reactions to what.

I have had Johnnie Walker black and blue without any difficulties or symptoms.  I have been reluctant to go on a taste testing and risk a reaction.

Then I found Queen Jennie Sorghum Whiskey made by Old Sugar Distillery in Madison, WI.  They opened in 2010.  They produce a Honey Liqueur, Cane & Abe Rum, Ouzo and their Queen Jennie Whiskey.  You can read an article in the Chicago Tribune about Nathan Greenawalt, the man behind the Distillery, in their 2012 post.

So how is it?  First off, I like beer and wine and an occasional scotch or whiskey but I would not consider myself a connoisseur of fine whiskeys.  Queen Jennies is very good.  The nose has a hint of vanilla, I am not sure if the add it or that is the scent of the Sorghum.  It also finishes smooth - some whiskeys have a strong, acidic or burning finish - this does not.  It is not complex but it is enjoyable and I will be buying more.  I think I'll try their Rum next time I order.

For those of you that do not live in Madison and have the ability to drive to the Distillery you can order it.  Call Caddell and Williams at 800 575-9997.  They are located in Mendicino, CA and offer a ton of spirits including Old Sugars' Liqueur, Rum and Ouzu.  They carry Queen Jennie Whiskey but it is not listed on their website.


The Un-Gluten Guy

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Gingerbread Houses

With the holidays coming up one thing that many people may remember or be familiar with is making a Gingerbread House.   Some years we have done really well and completed a sturdy looking house while other years after walls falling in the house would be devoured prior to completing construction.

In any event it has been a few years since we have made a Gingerbread House at home because we have not found a GF kit.  Pete Bronski of No Gluten No Problem has made one from scratch and you can find the recipe on his site (Bronski Gingerbread House).

My wife and daughter were up in Orange County and found a GF bakery called Sensitive Sweets.  And what did they find while they were there?  You guessed it - A GF Gingerbread House Kit.

It is GF, Dairy free, Nut free, Egg free and Soy free.  They got the basic version for 30 dollars.  It includes the walls, roof, icing and some plastic decorations - the deluxe has all of the gumdrops and other candies.

You can order online and have it shipped to you.

It looks good and the kids can't wait to make it.  I'll have to update this page with a picture when we complete the project.

Happy Holidays,

The Un-Gluten Guy

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Some Gluten Free Finds

I have been busy but I need to update the site with some new recipes - they are coming.  In the meantime I have found a bunch of new products that I wanted to share.

I was in the local Whole Foods when I saw the pancake mix from Glutino.  I thought this is going to be the greatest thing for camping.  All you have to do is add water, shake and pour.  I haven't made it yet so i'll report back when I do.  Keep this in mind when you are camping or on the road.

Way Better Snacks I have found many places.  They are certified GF.  I really like their Sweet Chili Tortilla Chips.  These are sprouted snacks made with corn, flax seed, quinoa, daikon radish, chia seed, broccoli seed.  Allergy info:  Made in a facility that uses soy, sesame, flaxseed and dairy.  They are super good with a nice little kick.  They are good plain but even better with some fresh guacamole.

Chocolate.  Justin's Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups are so good.  Certified GF and delicious.  I keep this handy for a late night treat.  They now have them in some single packages just in time for Halloween so pick up a bag for your trick-or-treaters.

I saw this product in the Asian section, certified GF noodles but I had never heard of mung bean.  This is sold by Opal Exports I found it at Whole Foods.  The bad - I found out I do not like the taste of mung bean.  I made a quick pesto with garlic, basil, a bit of parsley, salt, pine nuts and olive oil.  The good - the texture was right on, it had a good bite a good chew and not brittle like some other GF pastas.

No Nuttin.  I found these bars and oatmeal at my local Keil's supermarket.  Libre Naturals produces nonuttin bars, oatmeal and trail mix.  These are peanut free, tree nut free, dairy free, gluten free and soy free.  They are just really good.  Many GF granola bars taste, well, GF.  These are great.  I really like the double chocolate and the raisin.  I'll be stocking up on a few boxes of each flavor.

They also make these oatmeal cups - simply add water and seep.  My favorite is the Pacific Coast flavor - it contains blueberries and cranberries.  Keep these at home, at work or pack for trip.

Well, there you have it.  A few new GF finds.  Look for them wherever you pick up your GF products.

Until next time,

The Un-Gluten Guy

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Mountain Mike's Pizza


One of the things we GF folk miss is pizza, grabbing a slice, ordering a pie, delivery pizza at home.

It has been two years since the GF Food Expo in San Diego where I met the owner of the two local Mountain Mike's Pizza.  He told me a story about his daughter, who has to be GF, and how his restaurants offer safe GF Pizza.  I kept thinking I would stop in - its been two years.  Sam Golding owns the shop in Clairemont Mesa and I believe another in San Carlos.

Its not far but not close, so I didn't venture down to the Clairemont shop.  And, I'm apprehensive about new places.  I hate getting sick from contamination.

This is the Gluten Free Menu.

Let me tell you it was a great experience.  The girl behind the counter knew what she was talking about, they have a good GF menu - not just pizza (they even have three GF beers), and the pizza was delicious.

The GF crusts are small, 10 inch.  They are GF, soy, egg and dairy free.  They have a good texture and taste.

The GF crusts are made off site.  The GF pizza is prepared in the back with its own toppings - sauce, cheese, etc.  They put down two sheets of parchment on top of a pan to cook the oven but it is a shared oven.  The flour they use up front is corn flour or other non-wheat flours so there is not gluten flour floating through the air.

You can see the GF Menu here.  As you can see below its pretty extensive.  They also have sandwiches on Udi's GF rolls.

If you visit they have a 25% coupon.

I'll definitely be back.  If you have not been there yet you need to try it out.

A full and very happy,

Un-Gluten Guy

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Brazi Bites

My first experience with cheese bread was at Ola, a restaurant in South Beach (you can see my review here).  Brazilian Cheese Bread or Pao de Queijo is a delicious cheesy bread that is naturally gluten free because it is made with tapioca flour.

Brazi Bites began in Portland, Oregon a few years ago.  The story goes that they missed their native cheese bread and tried different cheeses in America until they found just the right ingredients to make it taste like home.  Now you can find it in stores.

They were nice enough to send me some samples to try.  I inquired and they do make it in a dedicated GF facility and it is certified GF.  It is super easy to make and delicious.

You can find it in the frozen food section (my local Whole Foods carries it).  Preheat your over to 400 degrees.

Once the oven is preheated, place the frozen cheese breads on a baking tray and into the oven for 20 minutes.

Beep, they are done - it doesn't get much easier than this.  Our first batch was a bit overcooked so the next batch we cooked for 18 minutes and it was perfect.

Eat it whole or tear it open.  You can see the cheese inside.

How did they taste?  Super good.  They were a hit with the kids - they gave it two thumbs up.  It goes great as a side dish with dinner but it is also a great midday or after school snack.  With football season starting this would make a great app for during the game.

They come in Original, Bacon and Jalapeno flavors.  The Original cheese is great and a bit hit with everyone.  I like spice and I really enjoyed the Jalapeno - it does have a kick.  The bacon was good - I thought about making up some pulled pork and making mini sliders with the bacon ones - I think that will be out of this world.

We have already restocked our freezer because we went through our samples.  If that is not a posistive review i'm not sure what is.  You can click on this link which will take you to there page on where to find BraziBites near you.  I would definitely recommend you head out and find some Brazi Bites and add them to your freezer - your taste buds will thank you.

Thanks BraziBites,

The Un-Gluten Guy

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Pamela's Pizza

If you have followed my blog you know I like pizza.  I really miss my gluten containing dough and I'm still on the search for that perfect blend.  I have tried many and I recently tried a new one.

Pamela's has a Bread Mix that is good for making bread, pie crust, cookies and pizza.  We thought we would try it out.

It was super easy to make.  Add Pamela's Mix, yeast, oil and water and mix.  She offers an option of adding cheese and italian herbs.  After the first batch I now add a bit of garlic powder, oregano and honey.

Next you split the dough in two, oil up your hands and flatten them out on parchment paper on a pizza pan.  Let it sit for an hour to rise.  The more you flatten it the crisper your crust.

Next you par bake them in the oven at 375 for 25 - 30 minutes.  I found the longer and browner the crust the crispier the crust.

Then add you toppings and cook 10 - 12 minutes.  We choose to do a half pepperoni and half cheese.  You can find my homemade sauce recipe on my blog here.

Let cool slightly so the cheese doesn't go everywhere, cut and enjoy.

My kids really liked it.  It was good, not a NY style thin crust and not a deep dish Chicago pie.  So if someone knows a city between NY and Chicago this is the crust I think you'll find there.  We have another large bag of the bread mix and I think we'll go through it pretty quickly.


The Un-Gluten Guy

Friday, August 30, 2013

Disturbing at Von's Pharmacy

I had a disturbing encounter at my local Von's Pharmacy in San Diego.  I thought it was important that those of us with gluten issues and anyone with allergies be aware of yet another source of contamination.

I do not get sick very often and therefore do not take medicine very often.  Our dog needed some medication that needed to be ordered.  The vet said instead of driving back to her office she could call it in to our pharmacy which was closer.

I went to pick up the medication.  At the counter I was told it was not ready but would only take a minute.

Right behind the glass at the front counter right on top of the pill counter and bottles of medicine the Pharmacist was eating lunch.  An open bottle of soda, bag of chips, bottle of ketchup and a sandwich.  He put the sandwich down and backhanded the food to give him some room.  Picked up a large bottle and dumped it into the pill counter and then started counting pills.

No gloves.

No hand-washing.

I questioned him.  Told him I have celiac.  I asked if this is common practice.  Do they not have a break room.  Do they have hand washing protocols.

His response was non-apologetic.  He said he saw it was for a dog and dogs eat anything.  He said he knew because he had a dog.  He said he was helping me by filling it quickly otherwise I would have to wait 15 minutes.

Ironically, my kid was recently sick.  My wife went to pick up the prescription and it took a long time.  She said the pharmacist was there but couldn't mix the prescription because he was allergic to the particular drug and didn't want to touch it so she had to wait for the other pharmacist to get back from break.  Turns our ti was the same guy.  How ironic.

What I recommend is be very cautious when picking up medications.  Even after we check to see a particular drug is GF from the manufacturer the pharmacy can still contaminate it.  I think in the future I'll see how many pills come in a bottle sealed from the manufacturer and request a full bottle, even if I have to pay more.

As far as the Von's Pharmacy is concerned I'll have to see what their policy is.  I would hope a pharmacy has some policy about breaks, where their employees can eat and hand washing protocols.  I would be blown away if it is standard practice to eat at the work stations where prescriptions are filled.

A very concerned,

Ungluten Guy

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Gluten Free Poke

I went fishing off the coast of San Diego this summer.  We caught some nice Dorado and Yellowtail.  Sashimi does not get any fresher than this.  So what do you do with all of this fish - eat it.

We had sashimi, we cooked it many ways and I made some Hawaiian style poke.  I had played around with it but this seemed to be a perfect dish.

Here is a Dorado, otherwise know as mahi-mahi (yes, caught on a fly for you fisherman).

For the Poke Marinade combine in a bowl and place in fridge:

1/4 of thinly sliced yellow onion
2 finely chopped scallions
1/2 tsp fresh grated ginger
1 tsp salt
1/2 Cup GF Tamari
1 tsp toasted sesame oil
[optional] 1 tsp chili sauce (I used Linghams)
pinch of crushed red pepper flakes

Make sure you have fresh fish.  If not freshly caught check with you local fish monger.
Rinse and dry your fish.  Cut your fresh fish into cubes and place in fridge.  I used a combo of fresh mahi-mahi and yellowtail.

When you are ready to eat combine the fish and marinade.  I topped mine with some slices of toasted seaweed paper.  Avocado is a nice addition too but I was out of it today.


The Un-Gluten Guy

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Celiac Awareness with the San Diego Padres Saturday August 24

Chandie Probst of Gluten Free Calendar was nice enough to offer up 24 free tickets to the pre-game party at Petco Park Saturday August 24th.

The event will run from 2:00 to 5:00 in the tailgating lot at Petco Park.  For the kids there will be face painting and cookie decorating.  Authors Danna Korn and Nina Cucina will be there.  The first 200 people will receive a gift bag with pasta and a magazine.

This really sounds like a great event.

The first 24 people that email me at or reply in the comment section below will win.  I will forward your names to Gluten Free Calendar and the tickets will be available at will call.  They need the names by Friday at noon so don't procrastinate.

Here is the link to the info page from Gluten Free Calendar - Padres Celiac Awareness Night.

Ready, Set, Go.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Cohn Restaurants and their Gluten Free Menus

In San Diego the Cohn Family has a ton of restaurants.  They cover a wide area on the map and an even larger diversity of flavors.

We made it to Comic-Con.  We had never had the experience of attending and wanted to go.  After a day of visiting booths, seeing panel discussions and playing video games we were all hungry.

We stopped at Island Prime on Harbor Island on our way home.  We have eaten there before and they have a pretty decent Gluten Free Menu.  As always I questioned some things and the waitress told me some managers were debating that they can just overheat things to kill the gluten.  As far as I know most sources say to clean throughly with soap and water to clean a cooking surface.  Other sites talk about heating things like grills for 30 minutes at 500 - 600 degrees.  I have no scientific evidence to support it but I asked that it be cooked in a clean pan to prevent the risk of cross contamination.

I had the ahi stack.  My dish was served with cucumbers instead of the normal fried taro chips.  It was delicious as always.

For dinner I had the brick chicken.  A nice smokey, spicey rub (gluten free of course).  Served with homemade mashed potatotes and greens.

Both were good but I thought it quite strange that she brought out our appitizers and entrees at the same time.  They were gluten free and I was hungry so I simply devoured it.

You can see other diners reviews on

We had family in town and went out to dinner with them later in the week.  We visited Indigo Grill, another Cohn Family Restaurant.  They also have a full Gluten Free Menu.  We spoke with one of the managers (I forget his name) and he was very helpful.  I started with their signature soup the Roasted Butternut Squash Soup.

Delicious as always.  It has just the right kick.  Stir in your corn, peppers and cilantro that are on the side and for some people this is a meal.

For my entree I had the Hickory & Apple Smoked Pork Ribs.  This was delicious.  The sauce on the ribs was sticky, sweet and spicy.  I had the chipotle mashed potatoes - spicy and good.  The small salad on the side was a good palate clenser with the sliced pears.

You can see others review on

In town I think you will be happily surprised and satiated at any of the Cohn Restaurants when it comes to gluten free fare.


The Un-Gluten Guy

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Sea & Smoke

It finally opened.  I have been looking forward to the opening of Sea & Smoke.  This is yet another restuarant of Chef Matt Gordon.  I have been a fan of Urban Solace in North Park and Solace in Encinitas.  Both have very good food that is fresh, mostly local, freshly made with tons of gluten free options.

Sea & Smoke is located in Del Mar at the Flower Hill Mall right off Interstate 5 near the Del Mar Race Track.  It is a bit closer to me than his other restaurants, so I was really looking forward to their newest establishment.

We went in the other night for dinner, sans kids.  The makeover from the previous restaurant (Paradise Grill) was a pleasant surprise.  The upstairs is very open, modern and comfortable.  The downstairs bar is clean and refined but cozy.  Outside is awesome, the new deck floor, overhead lighting and simple tables make it a cool place to hang out and eat.

They do not have a GF menu yet but are working on it.  Our waitress was very helpful and was able to speak with Chef to find out what would be safe for me to eat.  Luckily, most things on the menu were gluten free so you will not be without choices.  Chef had time to stop at our table during the meal to see how everything was going.  I was sure to let him know that food was delicious and I was comfortable with the GF dishes.

We started with the "Blackened" Yellowtail Crudo.  This was yellowtail sashimi rolled in a jalapeno ash then sliced.  The fish was served over watermelon with jicama.  It was simple, clean and a great way to start.  The jalapeno ash and salt complemented the yellowtail and the watermelon.

Next up, salad.  We choose to have the summer salad.  This was listed as arugula (although I thought it was baby spinach), roasted corn, spicy corn nuts (yes, GF), jicama, pickled chilies (these were super good) and cotija cheese, tossed with a vinaigrette.  Great salad, lots of flavor and textures.  You should order this one.

For dinner my wife had the Cast Iron Prawns.  These were well seasoned, perfectly cooked and served with avocado and plated over a black bean puree.  I was allowed to try one and it was very good.  She had the corn bread as a side dish (not GF).

For my dinner I choose to have the Braised Lamb Shoulder.  I can't wait to go back and order this again.  The meat was perfectly seasoned and cooked - super tender.  Then dip it, soak it, run it through the sauce - a spicy broth- and wow.  Out of this world - it had just the right amount of kick.

As a side I ordered the Beet Gratin.  Yes, beet (not potato).  It did play with your brain because the yellow beets were thinly sliced, and looked like a potato, but had the delicious taste of a summer beet.  I like beets and really enjoyed the dish but I think if you were considering trying beets this is a delicious presentation.

Dessert.  Yes I still had room for dessert.  We had the Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate.  This was a long chocolate ganache over flourless chocolate cake with cocco powder and chocolate sauce.  It was a lot of chocolate, very good but we couldn't finish it.  Our kids were happy to devour the leftovers when we brought it home.

What are my final thoughts.
I'll definitely be back.
Can't wait for the GF menu (or simply add GF to all of the dishes on the menu that are GF)
I'll reorder the lamb.
Chef Gordon will do really well here - great location and excellent food.

Until next time,

The Un-Gluten Guy

UPDATE 9/8/13
We stopped in and the GF menu is available.  The first two images are the breakfast/lunch menu.

These next two are the GF Dinner Menu.

The Niman Ranch Braised Lamb Shoulder is my favorite.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Rock Candy

We took a trip to the East Coast this summer.  At almost every boardwalk store there was salt water taffy, fudge and rock candy.  We had always talked about making rock candy and this summer we did.

Super easy. All you need is

1 cup of water
3 cups of sugar
small cups
clothes pins
food coloring (optional)

Heat the cup of water over the stove and start adding the sugar.  Add small amounts at a time and keep stirring.  Eventually you will get it all dissolved.

Next dip the sticks in the sugar solution, dip in some sugar and let dry.  This will help the crystallization process.

Pour the sugar solution into small cups and all food coloring if you want to add some color.  I was thinking about adding some extracts next time for flavor - vanilla, orange, mint.

Let it cool.  Clip the sticks to clothes pins so the stick is hanging freely in the cup (not touching the sides or the bottom).

Then wait.  We kept our on the counter for two weeks.  Try not to disturb them, but occasionally my kids would take them out to look and taste them.

Super easy, naturally gluten free and the kids loved them.


The Un-Gluten Guy

Monday, July 15, 2013

Health Valley Cafe Soup

So I like soup.  And I enjoy cooking soup.  Homemade soup is just good, filling, nutritious and delicious.

But sometimes I don't have time to make soup.  I actually have a river trip coming up and I was thinking about things to pack that I could easily heat up for lunch or a snack - and soup came to mind.

I looked around and did not find a ton of gluten free options.  At my local supermarket I found Gluten Free Cafe Soups.  This is a division of the Hain Celestial Group and their products are GF Certified.

I picked up the Chicken Noodle.  Opened the can and dumped it into a pot. Heated it up then poured it into a bowl.

How was it?  Not too bad and actually quite good.  A bit salty, but you sort of expect that from a canned soup.  The noodles were of good texture, not mushy.  The chicken was a bit chewy.  The vegetables still had a good textural bite to them.

I'll pack it on my trip as it will be easy to heat up over the fire or a camp stove.  Think about keeping a can around for a rainy day or when you are feeling under the weather.

The Un-Gluten Guy

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Rudi's Gluten Free Tortillas

I was walking through our local Whole Foods in Del Mar and saw Rudi's GF Tortillas.  I decided to pick them up and try them out.

We used to love taco night and I have yet to find a place that makes GF corn tortilla or taco shells.  Every place that makes corn tortillas makes flour tortillas and the risk of cross contamination is too great for me.  Usually we make our own corn tortillas with Bob's Red Mill GF Masa Harina.  Although they are good it does take some time.

I had high hopes for a GF "flour" tortilla.  Let me say that Rudi's Tortillas won the test.

We like to heat them over the burner.  Be careful but it warms it nicely and adds a little char.

For starters we had some left over taco meat (you can see my recipe here).  So we heated up some tortillas (I place them right over the gas burner for 5 seconds each side) and filled with meat, cheese, lettuce and salsa.  It was great.  And my little guy agreed - he ate two.

For starters they look like flour tortillas.  More importantly they roll like flour tortillas.  When I have experimented with homemade tortillas or when I used some other brands they tend to break when you try to roll them into a soft taco/burrito shape.  Rudi's tortilla have the suppleness to roll without breaking.  And they taste great.

They include the following:  sorghum flour, brown rice flour, corn flour, amaranth flour, quinoa flour, millet flour, teff flour, corn starch, tapioca flour, rice flour, water, canola oil, xanthan gum, cane juice, dextrose and maltodextrin, salt, guar gum, baking powder, malic acid, active dry yeast, apple cider vinegar.

We also make chicken/shrimp enchilladas with a homemade green enchillada sauce - delicious.

Need a lighter version, top with salsa verde, onions and queso fresco.

I also made a taco pizza.  I heated the tortilla flat in the toaster oven until it started to brown.  Then added cheese and meat and cooked until the cheese melted.  Topped with fresh lettuce and salsa.  This was a hit.

How about our quesadillas.  I add 3 cheeses (cheddar, monterey and asiago), diced red onion, diced mango and cilantro. Heat on a skillet to sear both sides and melt the cheese inside.

What would San Diego be without fish tacos.  For these we coat some fish with smoked paprika, cumin, onion powder and chili powder (or use your favorite taco seasoning).  Sear over high heat to blacken but not burn the fish.  Serve with salsa verde, sliced onions, cabbage and queso fresco.

So pick up some Rudi's tortillas.  We found them at Whole Foods and Von's.  They now have a permanent place in our kitchen.


The Un-Gluten Guy