Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Food Soul Chef

During my trip to British Columbia I had the pleasure to enjoy the cooking talent of Chef Julie, a Red Seal chef, from Canada.  Her food was amazing and she did an incredible job of feeding me delicious, safe, gluten free food for a week.

After many requests from many people she started a site called Foodsoulchef that offers up many of her recipes.  Many of the recipes are gluten free but those that are not are easily converted.  I have been talking up her blog to friends and thought I would list it here so you too can enjoy her recipes.

Some of my favorites are:

Cazeula from Culo de Mundo, Chile

This is a rich, hearty soup.  You can easily make it vegetarian.  I have at times used chicken instead of lamb.  Feel free to substitute yams for potatoes or butternut squash.

Sexy Beet Soup (her name not mine)

This is one I really like.  I like beets and the black beans and peppers add protein and some heat.

Blackberry-Apple Crumble

This one is awesome.  Have it for dessert with ice cream and/or whipped cream.  I even eat it for breakfast - with the almonds in the crumble it fills you up.  Be sure to use GF granola.

Quinoa brownies

This was one of the first things I ate when I arrived at the lodge.  Super good and healthy.  What is crazy is that there is no flour used just quinoa.

And there are many more - salads, appetizers and entrees.  Check it out I think you'll like it.  Keep and eye out for her pot de creme - my favorite desset that she made while I was there.

The Un-Gluten Guy

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