Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Gluten Free Pasta Alfredo

My daughter is a pasta person.  If she had her choice she would have pasta for lunch and dinner.  Usually she likes it with a simple marinara.

I like pasta many ways.  Sometimes I will simply toss with some extra virgin olive oil and add some fresh chopped tomatoes and fresh grated parmesan.  We usually make a batch of marinara and keep it in the refrigerator for the week (it usually doesn't last the week).  Occasionally a nice pot of bolognese sauce or white clam sauce.  Another favorite is carbonara - I fell in love with it in Italy.

All kids like mac and cheese.  For a while I tried talking her into trying alfredo sauce but the answer was always - NO.  That was until recently.  We were at the supermarket and she saw a bottle of alfredo sauce - I could not believe how many ingredients, chemicals and artificial flavorings it had.  I explained to her I could make it for her at home, from scratch, with a few simple ingredients.

Well, not only did she like it, she loved it.  I have probably made it two dozen times since.  It is so easy to make so make it yourself.  Although the typical dish is made with fettuccine we make it with spaghetti, penne and whatever else is in the cabinet.  I have made gluten free pasta from scratch but we happy use Jovial Gluten Free Pasta.  It is the best GF pasta you can buy.

What you will need:
1.  1 cup of cream
2.  1 cup of freshly grated parmesan
3.  1-2 tablespoons of butter
4.  salt
5.  pepper
6.  nutmeg

Make your pasta, drain and set aside.

In a pan heat the butter and add the cream.  As soon as it simmers and bubbles form turn the heat to low.  Add a pinch of nutmeg, pinch of salt and some fresh ground pepper.

Add the pasta and toss to coat with the cream/butter mixtures.

Add the cheese and toss until cheese is melted and you have a nice alfredo sauce.  Taste and add salt and pepper to taste.

Serve immediately with some additional fresh grated parmesan and enjoy.


The Un-Gluten Guy


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