Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Artisinal Bread in Five

Life.  I knew I was busy but I did not realize that it had been 8, yes eight, months since my last post.  I have tweeted here and there (definitely requires less time) but not a peep on the blog in eight months.

I have some cool things to share so I'll try to be better with updates.  I found some new products that I'll post about.  We have developed some new recipes.  A great new gadget we found was a dumpling maker so I'll have to share our experience and dough recipe.  BEER, happy to see more people getting in the craft GF beer market.

But first I wanted to break bread with everyone.

I was never a big bread eater.  I was definitely not a fan of grocery store bought, mass produced, white bread.  But give me a good baguette or artisan loaf and I was in heaven.  Some hard cheese, salami or a good soup to dip it into - that's what I miss.

How happy was I to then find Artisan Bread in Five.  I'm not sure if I saw it in a magazine or e-zine or twitter post but I was happy to find it.  I have not bought their book yet but now that they have a dedicated GF Bread in Five book I may have to add it to my collection.

The incredible thing is how easy it is.  When I started making it I was cooking bread almost daily and my kids and I would eat it all.  The really nice, and simple, thing about their process is that you make the dough in a large batch and pull off what you need daily.  This way during the week you pull some dough out of the refrigerator, let it rise, throw it in the oven and you have fresh bread for dinner.

As far as flour they used Bob's Red Mill GF Flour.  I have used Peter Bronski's blend (you can find that recipe on his website No Gluten No Problem or click here) for many things and I always have a big stash of it in the house so I use that mainly.  The fun thing is experimenting with other flours (millet, black bean, different rice flours) to adjust the flavor.  I have thought about using some fermented teff flour to create a sourdough like blend but have not tried it yet.

You can find their GF Master recipe on their website or click here.

Basically you are going to add 6 1/2 Cups flour with 1 TBSP yeast, 1 TBSP kosher salt, 2 TBSP sugar, 3 3/4 Cup water (there is an egg option on their site).  Mix it in a large stand mixer.  That's it

Here is the dough once it was completed.

Then let it rise.  Let the yeast do its magic.

Form it into a ball or use a baugette pan.  You need to smooth it out.

Make some slits to let air escape and dust with flour.  After that you let it rise.

Use a baking stone in the oven at 450 degrees.  The next step is adding some water to a dish in the oven when you cook the bread.  Viola, out comes delicious, artisan GF bread.

Keep in in the fridge in a container.  Be sure to not seal it, it needs some air and room to expand.

Take some out the next day and make baguettes.

Once it is done, let it cool or it will be chewy.  Then slice and enjoy.

Check out Artisan Bread in Five and make some GF bread,

The Un-Gluten Guy

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