Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Glutenator

As you know I'm always looking for good GF beer and so far New Planet Off Grid Ale has been my favorite.  I have been looking for Epic's Glutenator for a month now since it came out but I couldn't find it in California.

We were skiing in Park City, Utah and my wife made a trip down the brewery since no one is Park City (restaurants or liquor stores) carried it.

This is Epic's first trip into producing a GF beer but their goal was to produce a good beer that was also GF.  It is made with millet, molasses, rice, sweet potato and hops.  It comes in a 22 oz bottle and is 6.9% ABV.

It pours nice and had a nice color and aroma.  The taste?  Well, this really does taste like a beer, a really good beer.  It didn't have the funny sweetness you get with beer made from sorghum and the hops add a nice taste to the beer.

Versus New Planet I am going to have to wait and taste them side by side.  I am sure I would be a bit biased after a day on the slopes that any beer would be good and this was great.  I'm going to put it up there as a super strong challenger and it may take the title.

If you can find it, get it.  You won't be disappointed.


The Un-Gluten Guy

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