Saturday, January 26, 2013

Aleia's Cookies

When visiting family in Florida my mom went shopping in anticipation of our arrival.  She picked up anything she could find that was GF in hopes that we would have things to munch on during our stay.  Thanks, mom.

One of the items she found was Aleia's Cookies.  She picked up a bag of their almond horn cookies and a bag of the peanut butter cookies.  Needless to say she had to go back to the store because she devoured the bag of almond cookies and she does not have any food restrictions (they do not taste GF).

Aleia's was created by Kim Snow who received her training at the CIA (Culinary Institute of America) located in Hyde Park, NY.  They produce cookies, bread, bread crumbs, stuffing, croutons and panko flakes in a dedicated GF bakery.

If her name is Kim why is it called Aleia's?  It is named after her grandmother - Angelina.

The peanut butter cookies are good, they even have that nice fork-print on top.  Not too hard, but not soft and chewy.  It is packed with peanut flavor.

As for the almond cookies.  I do not like and have never enjoyed almond cookies (so I am biased) but I tried them and they are good.  As for my mom, wife and daughter who all love almond cookies - they raved about them.

Pick these up and try them out.  If these two products are anything like the rest of their GF products I am sure you will be happy with their entire GF line of food.

I am going to search out their panko flakes.  I used to like panko breaded fish and I would toast the flakes and sprinkle over mac & cheese.


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