Saturday, November 23, 2013

Gluten Free Whiskey

Whiskey, scotch, bourbon.  So you have Irish Whiskey, Scotch from Scotland, Canadian Whiskey and American Bourbon.  Depending on where and who determines if it is made from corn, barley, rye or wheat.  There is lies the dilemma for us celiacs or those sensitive to gluten.  On the other hand distillation is supposed to get rid of the gluten proteins and therefore be safe for those who have to avoid gluten.  Search online and you will find varying opinions of which ones are safe and who had reactions to what.

I have had Johnnie Walker black and blue without any difficulties or symptoms.  I have been reluctant to go on a taste testing and risk a reaction.

Then I found Queen Jennie Sorghum Whiskey made by Old Sugar Distillery in Madison, WI.  They opened in 2010.  They produce a Honey Liqueur, Cane & Abe Rum, Ouzo and their Queen Jennie Whiskey.  You can read an article in the Chicago Tribune about Nathan Greenawalt, the man behind the Distillery, in their 2012 post.

So how is it?  First off, I like beer and wine and an occasional scotch or whiskey but I would not consider myself a connoisseur of fine whiskeys.  Queen Jennies is very good.  The nose has a hint of vanilla, I am not sure if the add it or that is the scent of the Sorghum.  It also finishes smooth - some whiskeys have a strong, acidic or burning finish - this does not.  It is not complex but it is enjoyable and I will be buying more.  I think I'll try their Rum next time I order.

For those of you that do not live in Madison and have the ability to drive to the Distillery you can order it.  Call Caddell and Williams at 800 575-9997.  They are located in Mendicino, CA and offer a ton of spirits including Old Sugars' Liqueur, Rum and Ouzu.  They carry Queen Jennie Whiskey but it is not listed on their website.


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