Monday, June 18, 2012

San Diego Safari Park

I must say that the San Diego Zoo Safari Park has some work to do.  Disney and Legoland do a great job with a GF list that you can pick up at guest services.

We went to the Safari Park the other day.  I stopped at Guest Services and they said to check in the park at the Ranger Station.  At the Ranger Station they called another person on the phone and then informed me that they did not have a list - I should ask at each place.

So I'm supposed to go into every place and ask?  If I'm hungry, and wait in line, and then find out they do not offer anything I'm supposed to just go to the next place and wait in line again?

Now, we brought food (always prepared); but, I wanted to check out the GF options for potential visits in the future and for "research."

I stopped by Mombasa Island Cooker.  The only option was baked chicken strips.

I went to the Oasis Deli.  This kid was nice and surprised that the Park didn't have a list.  They have one salad.  The other two salads have either cous cous or croutons.

We stopped by Samburu Terrace.  They had baked chicken strips and had corn tortillas and offered to make a baked corn tortilla taco (essentially a taquito).  The guy said that the taco meat seasoning was GF.

It was hot, and after the Tram we stopped by Lion Camp Slush & Snacks.  The kid at the register here was also surprised the Park didn't have a list.  He was nice and offered to help.  He wanted to know if gluten was a type of sugar.  He did grab a box of the Slush mix.  It was ICEE Brand and the ingredients did list artificial flavorings.  We checked online (gotta love smart phones) and ICEE is GF.

So you are on your own to check out the other seven dining locations.  It doesn't seem to be too difficult to offer a list with the GF items at each site to make your stay more enjoyable (Get to work Safari Park) - but hopefully this helps.

The Un-Gluten Guy

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  1. Samburu jungle gym restaurant just below the gorilla Park has gluten free chicken strips