Sunday, January 26, 2014

Garlic, Garlic, Garlic

I really love garlic.  It is great in pasta sauce, soups, veggies and meats.  The one problem is that peeling a lot of garlic can be a chore, the skins stick to your skin and buying a bottle of pre-peeled garlic is expensive.

So, I have a new method for you.  I can't remember where I exactly learned this - but I remember it was around some holiday and everyone was talking about cooking.

WARNING:  This makes a lot of noise, but it is fun and you can take out some anger if you have to.

First, break off the cloves from the head.  Use as many as you need.

Next,  toss them into a metal bowl.  You can peel as many as you need, I have peeled two whole garlic heads at once.  You will need two bowls of the same size and I find it is best for it to have a lip to hold onto the bowls when you shake them.

Cover the bottom bowl with an similar size bowl (identical if you have it - we have lots of bowls).  You can see how the lip gives you a handle to hold onto.


If you shook enough the bowl will be full of the skins and the peeled cloves.  If not, cover and repeat.

Now you are left with cleaned garlic cloves.  Roast em, chop em, slice em, crush em or put them in a container to use later in the week.

Until next time,

The Un-Gluten Guy

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