Monday, January 27, 2014

Harvester Brewery and GastroPub

First of all - I want one.  It was so nice to go to a true GF GastroPub where you can order a flight of GF  beer and anything on the menu because it was all GF.  If they want to open one in San Diego I would in line to be an investor.

I found Harvester Beer when I first traveled to Oregon.  I have been through the GF beer train and have settled on New Planet as the closet anyone has come to making a GF beer taste like a beer.  That was until I found Harvester - their beer is incredible and I would easily serve it to non-GF friends and not feel embarrassed that they had to drink it - I'm sure many people wouldn't even notice it was GF.  Actually I'm too selfish to offer it to friends since I can't find it in San Diego yet.  Any bottles I bring home I cherish and save for special occasions.

When I heard that Harvester opened a Gastropub next to the brewery I made plans to go there on my next trip to Oregon.

This was a good sign that I was close.

I started with the beer and had a tasting of their new experimental coffee pale ale.  Super good with a coffee finish - just the right amount - not too much or too little.  If you like coffee and beer you won't be disappointed.

As for food I started with the squash soup.  Not your typical puree.  This was a hearty broth with roasted cubes of squash, escarole and red quinoa topped with feta.  It was so good I got one to go.

For my entree I had the salami sandwich with pepper-mustard relish and manchego cheese with pickled veg on the side.  It was delicious.  It went well with their IPA #2 (one of my favorites).

I got beer to go since I was there for a long weekend - a coffee pale ale, IPA #1 and IPA #2.

Unlucky for me the weather did not cooperate to allow fishing on Sunday, but this allowed me some extra time before my flight to stop in for lunch at the Gastropub.  I ordered an IPA and tried the flatbread with espelette roasted squash (so nice to have GF flatbread), the pan roasted pork chop.  For dessert I ordered the cocca nib cake with persimmon - it went well with a tasting of the coffee pale ale.

They are open Thursday to Sunday noon to 9pm and you can see their menu here.

Next time you are in Portland you would be crazy not to stop in.

Can't wait until next time,

The Un-Gluten Guy

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