Saturday, December 17, 2011

Ruth's Chris

So I ventured back to a steak house for the first time since being diagnosed.  You would think simple, right - it's steak.  But I was unsure and researched it.  Luckily they have a GF menu and they seemed knowledgeable.

A few items are off the menu for me now.  Obviously the battered onion rings and the fries cooked in the same fryer.  Unfortunately the au gratin potatoes are off too.

Their Gluten Free menu is not online so let me give you a brief sample

Apps:  BBQ shrimp, shrimp cocktail, onion soup (no crouton), ahi tuna (no sauce), salads (no crouton and ask to make in separate bowl), all salad dressing okay except ranch

Entrees:  All steaks/seafood okay but no veal butter, so for the veal or lamb they put regular butter

Sides:  All okay except fried foods, creamed veg and au gratin potatoes and veg

Dessert:  Chocolate sin cake, creme brulee, berries

I had the shrimp cocktail and it was so nice to have the runner drop it off as the "Gluten Free Shrimp."

Dinner I had - you guess it - steak.

Dessert I had the Chocolate sin Cake.

The waitress was helpful and relayed the info to the kitchen and everything that was brought out was stated to be GF.  I had called earlier and spoke with the Manager - they had a GF menu when I checked in, and he stopped by the table to make sure everything was okay with the meal.

Great meal, great company and no issues with the food or my stomach.

The Un-Gluten Guy

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