Friday, December 2, 2011


I found this in the strangest of places - World Market.  I was in there, killing time before a movie, and wandered back to the food section.  They had a bunch of Snapdragon food products on the shelf.  They have a few different flavors in the rice noodle boxes but they are not all Gluten Free so look carefully at the box.

Usually I am into cooking all from scratch but when its late and there is not time to cook this can save the day.

Indonesian Peanut was the first one I picked up.  Inside are some GF noodles and a seasoning packet.  The noodles are easy to make with some boiling water.  Easy so far - right?

Next you need to have some imagination.  I cooked up some shrimp with chopped ginger then added some red peppers, peas and carrots.  Add the noodles, a few tablespoons of water and the seasoning packet from the box and mix until it is all coated evenly.

Viola - dinner is served.

I have another box of Indonesian Peanut (obviously avoid if you have a peanut allergy) and we found a few more GF flavors (Pad Thai Ginger and Hunan Sweet & Sour) that I look forward to trying.

The Un-Gluten Guy

P.s.  Well since I first posted we have tried the Pad Thai and Hunan Sweet and Sour and both were good.  I made the Pad Thai with shrimp and snow peas and onions.  I prepared the Sweet & Sour with asparagus, carrots and corn and it was a good combination.

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