Sunday, December 11, 2011

Gluten Free BEER

As a guy I obviously like beer.  I was not a beer only guy, I enjoy a glass of wine too, but I really enjoy beer.  After a day of climbing or skiing it hits the spot and on a summer day a cold one is the perfect drink to cool you off.  My favorites have been Fat Tire, Stone Pale Ale and the Stone Levitation.  A Negro Modela with mexican or an ice cold Corona on a hot summer day.

So you can imagine my inability to consume a good brew one I was diagnosed with Celiac disease.

So what to do?  I looked into it and there were a bunch of GF Beers out there.  So off to the store I went and picked up every beer I could find.

I got Red Bridge, Bard's, New Grist, Green's and New Planet Tread Lightly Ale.  To not bore you with a long dissertation on all of them I thought they were fair to poor.  Now, I used to enjoy a nice hoppy beer most of the time and making a beer with Sorghum makes it a bit light, a bit sweet and a bit unlike a beer.

If I had to settle on two, my favorites of the bunch were Red Bridge and New Planet's Tread Lightly.

Then I heard about New Planets' Off Grid Pale Ale.  I picked up a few four packs (yes, they come in 4's) and I was happily surprised.  This is the closest to a beer that I have found so far and I would say most people would not even know it is GF.  This now makes up a portion of my fridge and I'll be happy to enjoy this after a long, hard day.

Thank you New Planet!!

The Un-Gluten Guy

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