Saturday, February 1, 2014

SuperBowl 2014


There is not one other day where so many Americans will be parked in front of a t.v. and eat and drink and eat.  This year we are laying low and going to watch at home.  I might just spend all day in my pajamas.

In case you were wondering what to cook for you and your friends here is a short list of options.

1.  Super Easy Pulled Pork.  This is one of our regular recipes but it is great for the Super Bowl because  everyone can make a sandwich throughout the game.  You can even make pulled pork sliders by using Brazi Bites.

2.  What can serve along side the pulled pork?  Creamy Cole Slaw of course.

3.  Wings!!  You can't go wrong with Buffalo Wings.  Here is my simple recipe for the wings and sauce.

4.  Want something cheesy?  These Cheese Crisps are one of my kids favorites.  I guarantee if you make them they will disappear like a bag of potato chips and everyone will want more so keep the oven on.

5.  Dessert.  Flourless Chocolate Cake.  It couldn't be easier.

As for beer - I have one bottle left of Harvester IPA - and I'm not sharing.

Have fun, eat a lot and go Seahawks (Since my Eagles and Chargers are out I have to cheer for one team and since those Broncos beat the Chargers) Go Seahawks.

The Un-Gluten Guy

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