Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Oregon Cracker Company

I was on a fishing trip in Oregon and stopped in at the local Whole Foods.  While I was walking through the store I saw a few bags of gluten free crackers.  They were made locally in Corvalis, Oregon at a dedicated Gluten Free Facility.  I used to have a soft spot for Cheez-its so when I saw the cheddar flavored GF crackers I had to pick up a bag.

That night I was getting my gear together and opened a beer (Harvester of course) and the next thing I know the bag was empty.  I was licking my lips and craving more but that was all I had, I only bought one bag.  I told myself I would order some when I got home.

I searched online and found The Oregon Cracker Company and learned a bit about Jeff and Eric who are GF brothers-in-law.  They founded the company, and everything is made in a 100% GF Facility.

In addition to the cheddar flavor they also have a harvest bounty, garden vegetable and graham snacks.

The cheddar is made with Tillamook Sharp Cheddar (all of the Tillamook cheese and yogurt is GF) and their multigrain flour mixture.  Sorry for those dairy free people - this is not for you.  It is really good, the cheese gets stronger the more you eat.  I would love a bit more cheese but they are good and a hit with the kids.  The cracker has a nice crunch and texture and it is not brittle like some other GF crackers that fall apart.

I ordered the Graham snacks too - the kids loved them.  We'll be making mini smores soon.  They even let you know that the Graham snacks make great pie crusts.

We also ordered a bag of the Garden Vegetable and Harvest Bounty.  The Garden Veg is good and I think it would be great for a cream cheese and chive dip or with some Havarti cheese.  The Harvest Bounty is a good multigrain cracker.

I'm not sure how long the twelve bags will last.  The kids really like them.

You can buy them online if they are not carried in a store near you.  They run six bucks a bag or six bags for $30.

Eat up,

The Un-Gluten Guy

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