Sunday, March 9, 2014

Some Gluten Free Finds

We have found some new GF products that I wanted to share with you.  It is nice that more and more options are available.  Many items are starting to taste better and better as experience grows.

1. Jovial Gluten Free Pasta

I found Jovial at my local Jimbo's Supermarket and since that time I have found it at Whole Foods.  They also make a Einkorn wheat pasta so be sure to get the GF pasta.  It is certified GF but I have an email out to them to find out if it is produced in a GF facility.  I have had it a number of times with no issues.  This has been the best GF pasta I have found.  Simple spaghetti with marinara, lasagna, pasta salad - it has found a permanent spot in our pantry.

2.  Gletenfreeda Oatmeal

I have been eating Glutenfreeda oatmeal for a while but these are new flavors for me.  Both are very good.  I really like the Cranberry.  I find these are great for taking places when I'm on the go.  Pack them for work, when you are on vacation and it is a perfect airport breakfast - all you need to find is hot water.

3.  Organicville Salsa

Salsa is pretty easy to make.  Sometimes you want to just open a jar.  We found this on vacation and since have found it at our local Whole Foods.  Organicville made a good, simple salsa.  They have a lot of great products - we use their Siracha and BBQ Sauce regularly.

4.  Applegate Meats

Applegate has many products and their meats are GF.  We like their Sunday bacon on, well, Sunday.  I like the leftover bacon for BLAT (bacon, lettuce, avocado, tomato panini's).  The sausages were a new find for us and they are really good.  The sweet italian is just right - the perfect amount of fennel.  The fire roasted red pepper is good with a nice kick.

5.  Gluten Free Girl Scout Cookies

My daughter was selling Girl Scout Cookies this year but the GF chocolate chip shortbread cookies was not available in San Diego.  We happened to get one bag.  They are certified GF and made in a gluten free facility.

  Unfortunately, they were not very good.  The were dry, crumbly and did not have a good flavor or texture.  I like my Chocolate chip cookie recipe.  I also think for store bought K-Toos by Kinnikinnik are pretty good.

6.  Cookwell & Company

Cookwell & Company makes a really good escabeche salsa - it has a nice smokey flavor.  They have a number of GF items.  These go great with nachos.  I use the tomatillo to make chilaquiles if I don't have time to make my own salsa verde.  If you don't know what chilaquiles is you are missing out - look it up and have it for breakfast.

7.  Lotus Foods

Lotus foods makes rice and rice noodles and all of their products are GF.  I especially like these ramen with miso soup packets.  Its a quick on the go meal.  You can add an egg, vegetables, shrimp or other meat and it makes it a meal.

There you have it.  A handful and a half of GF items.  Look for them in your local store or order them online.

Until next time,

The Un-Gluten Guy


  1. Thanks for sharing your finds. Sorry to hear you didn't enjoy the Girl Scout cookies. I haven't come across anyone selling them and would like to support the introduction of GF cookies to their line, but to be honest, Girl Scout cookies (and cookies in a box) in general are "meh" compared to homemade ones, so I haven't gone out of my way to look them up. The ramen, on the other hand, I really want to try soon!

    1. Molly,

      The ramen is great and you can add so much to it. I'll probably try their rice too when we use up our current rice. As far as the Girl Scout cookies I really miss the thin mints. I think I have nailed the mint chocolate topping but I have not been able to recreate the cookie yet.

      The Un-Gluten Guy

  2. Hi there, I came across your blog because I've been looking for Jovial in San Diego... So glad to know that Jimbo's carries the brand! Thanks for sharing! I've enjoyed your other entries too.
    -Molly (not the same as your first commenter)

    1. Molly,
      Glad I could help. Whole Foods has started carrying their other products but I have not seen the GF pastas at Whole Foods yet. We had Jovial lasagna tonight and the kids loved it. After posting I did hear back from Jovial and they let me know that the GF pastas are made in a separate facility than their gluten containing pasta.

      The Un-Gluten Guy