Sunday, September 9, 2012

GF Kid Friendly Food #1

This is a group effort by me and my daughter.  She also has gluten issues and is 100% GF.

One of the issues I have is knowing how difficult being a child is and the added difficulty of having to watch what you eat is an addition burden to her just being a kid.  At school, friends houses, parties and camp it is always a challenge to make sure she has food and does not feel the stigma of being different.

I made some gluten free thin mints and do-si-dos and her and the other girls in her girl scout troop loved the do-si-dos (the thin mints were not so good).  We look at this as an opportunity for other kids to enjoy her food and think it is special and good.

At home we have made some simple GF things are fun to eat.  This is the first in hopefully many posts that will show you what she likes so that you may develop some ideas to share with your kids or yourself.

Apple-Cheddar Sandwich

This one is simple.  We toast two slices of Udi's bread or any one of your favorite GF breads.  Slice a block of cheddar cheese and then slice a few slices of apple.

Once the bread is toasted lay a slice of the cheese on each piece, it will melt a little into the bread.  Add the apple slices to the bottom and place the other slice with the cheese on top, slice in two or four or eat it whole and enjoy. (If you do two slices apple and one slice of cheese she will let you know that you made it wrong.)

I add a bit of honey dijon spread, but that is optional (it's my adult version).

Vegetable Plates

Veggies are good but sometimes its hard to get kids to eat them.  I try to make up a plate when I'm preparing dinner.  If the kids are getting hungry and bonkers before we are ready to sit down I can throw them on the table and it will hold them over until dinner time; otherwise they get it when we sit down.

She likes them because they are fun and different.  We usually have carrots, cucumbers, broccoli, and tomatoes.  Other additions can be cheese, apples and fresh berries.

I will pile them up like a pyramid, arrange them in the shape of a face or some animal, other times i'll cut the veggies in strips and make a box (even hiding a tiny treat inside like a strawberry with whipped cream).

Occasionally, I'll add a dipping sauce like ranch dressing or a bit of oil and vinegar.

Use your imagination and think outside the box.  It is amazing how easy it is for them to eat something that looks cool.

Get creating,

The Un-Gluten Guy & Daughter

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