Sunday, November 4, 2012

Colorado Springs - Gluten Free

I had to travel to Colorado Springs for a meeting and we took the whole family.  The Broadmoor Hotel is a beautiful 5 star hotel in Colorado Springs surrounded by beauty.

As with any trip I had to look into the Gluten Free options.  When I called to speak with the hotel they told me that they do not have a GF menu but each restaurant would be able to accomodate us.  They did an amazing job.

We ate at some other places too and there are many GF options around Colorado Springs.  In downtown Colorado Springs we stopped at The Olive Branch, which has been in buisness for 32 years and offering GF options for just as long.  They have an extensive GF menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner and have GF baked goods.

My daughter had their rice pasta (Tinkyada) with homemade marinara sauce and liked it so much we went back a second time for lunch during our trip.  The first time I had a chicken breast braised in a basil tomato sauce over spinach with rice.  The second time I had the chicken with homemade chili verde sauce.  They offer a GF corn tortilla (it was from cisco) but I choose to go without it - i'm always concerned about cross contamination.

Both of my dishes were good.  It is a home cooked meal atmosphere and we had good service.  As far as the baked goods - we tried the GF chocolate cake and GF brownies.  I would pass on dessert but as far as food goes a great, safe place to eat.

We visited Pike's Peak and while we drove throught Manitou Springs we stopped at Coquette's.  They have been in business for 3 years and 100 % GF.  The owner's mom is gluten sensitive, thus the push to go GF.  They make their own flour blend and make crepes, muffins, bisquits and cupcakes.

My son had a hamburger on a GF bun.  He ate it but it was nice to be able to help hold his food for a change.  He does not have any food issues but I do not handle his food when we go out due to fear of cross contaminating my food.  My daughter wanted pizza and they were able to put some sauce and cheese on a GF baquette.  My wife and I had a GF crepe.  These were delicious.  I also had beet soup made with parsley, chicken and bacon.  It was very tasty and filling.

At the hotel we had breakfast at Charles Court.  They were great.  The manager, Robert, was super helpful as well as the servers.  I am simple when it comes to breakfast so I had eggs and toast each morning. They have Udi's bread and a separate toaster.  My daughter had pancakes each morning.  They have their own rice batter and she ate it and loved it.  They were very aware of our food concerns and took every precaution.

For dinner we dined at the Summit.  The Manager, Desiree, was excellent.  I am a creature of habit and if I eat out and have a good and safe plate I stick with it.  I had their ceaser salad (without croutons, of course), they mix it fresh in a metal bowl (wood could harbor bread crumbs.  It was served with a cheese crisp (like the ones we make at home (see my recipe on this blog)) that my kids promptly stole, but they were quick to bring a few extra crisps to the table.  For dinner I had the angry trout.  This was a beautiful presentation with cauliflower, pine nuts and yellow raisins.(My picture does not do it justice but I only had my phone and not my camera at dinner)  It was served over sauteed spinach (usually it is done with bacon and swiss chard but they were not sure if the bacon was GF so we omitted it.

We also had dinner and lunch at the Tavern.  They have a really cool room in the back that makes you feel like you are eating outside.  I had the trout and my daughter had steak.  They put on a special pot of oil and made her french fries as their fryer is not gluten free.  They had lunch there one day when I was at my meeting.  They toasted up some Udi's and we travel with supplies and my wife made a PB&J at the table.

I did get some time away and spent a half day on the Platte River to do some fly fishing.  I was able to book world class guide Landon Mayer.  Not only was he super friendly and taught me some great things but he put me on some big fish.  We fished what was previously known as the Dream Stream but now called the Charlie Meyers State Wildlife Area.  It was cold but super fun and I can't wait to go back.

If you are traveling to Colorado Springs you definitely have some options.  We are already talking about going back this summer.

Safe Travels,

The Un-Gluten Guy

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