Saturday, February 23, 2013

Park City 2013

It was ski week again and we headed to Park City, Utah.  You can see my old post here.  Luckily Park City has a few good GF options.  But to make matters easier we always try to find a place with a kitchen so we can cook ourselves.

Where we stayed was in New Park which is located right next to a shopping center with a Whole Foods.  This was perfect to stock up on GF snacks, bread, OJ, milk and fresh fruit.

So have food ready to eat during the week I made my vegetable soup and pulled pork.  We would come home from skiing and heat up a bowl of soup and the kids ate pulled pork a few nights for dinner as well as a quick snack after returning from the slopes.

One of the great finds of Park City is Park City Pizza.  They have been serving pizza since 1985 and the owner has celiac disease I was told.  They offer great GF pizza.  It is prepped in the walk-in frezzer to prevent cross contamination and has its own oven.  We had it a few nights after a hard day on the slopes.  You can eat in, pick up or have it delivered.  They also have GF cheesy bread and GF pasta.

Another of our favorites is Loco Lizard.  My wife and I ate here one afternoon.  Almost everything is GF and they are very knowledgable.  The only thing not GF are the flour tortillas.  The corn chips are GF and the fryer is 100% GF so enjoy the fresh chips and salsa.  I like their salsa verde and they also have a smokey tomato salsa that has some chipotle in it.  I had my favorite - chili verde.  This is a bowl of pieces of pork in a spicy verde sauce served with black beans and rice.

What about skiing?  We ski at Park City Mountain Resort.  Their snowmama's site has this short post about their GF options.  Kristi's is the coffee shop at the base of the resort.  It is a great stop for coffee, hot cocco and snacks.  The have some packaged Udi's snacks and cookies from the local company New Grains which is located in Provo, UT.  They make a wickedly good Chocolate Chip Brownie Cookie.  When it comes to eating we stopped in at Legend's one day.  Although I am not a huge fan of Redbridge beer it did hit the spot midday on a ski vacation.  They have a number of GF options on their menu and have a number of other items that can be prepared GF upon request.  I had the ahi tuna salad.  Very good and tasty.

We had lunch at Legend's which is right at the base of PCMR.  The list on their menu what items are GF and they were very aware of the menu and the risk of cross-contamination.  I had the ahi tuna salad which was good and a nice mid-day meal.  They serve Redbridge, and although its not a favorite beer of mine, it hit the spot after a morning on the slopes.

Speaking of beer, we had to stop by Epic Brewery for some of their Glutenator.  They said that will be opening a brewery in Colorado soon and would then possibly be distributing to California.  This is a great GF beer made with sweet potato and molasses.

We went out one night to 350 Main on Main Street in Park City.  The restaurant is now under the control of Chef Carl Fiessinger.  We have eaten their before when Chef Michael LeClerc was the reason to go.  I missed his Immunity soup and you can tell that a change has taken place.  For starters no more GF menu, and the menu does not identify what items are GF.  I was told to ask our server.  She was clueless.  She started by saying that basically the whole menu is GF.  Well, the farro, fried chicken, gingerbread and fried items raised a concern.  When I asked to speak to a manager or the chef she went back to the kitchen and came out with more useful information.  Yes, the fryer is NOT GF and I choose to have the quinoa cakes which were made with peanut butter and baked in the oven.

For dinner I had the salmon.  This was served over corn and beans.

The overall was that it was not as good as the restaurant had been and I overhead similar comments at nearby tables.  The food looked better than it tasted and their GF knowledge appeared to be lacking.

So there you have it.  Eat at Loco Lizards for your GF mexican fix, Park City Pizza for GF pizza and pasta, PCMR for mid-day lunch and treats, and stop by Whole Foods to keep your energy up for skiing & snowboarding all week long.

Now its time to rest my legs,

The Un-Gluten Guy

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