Thursday, October 27, 2011


So I am not a real sweets person but the occasional cupcake is always a treat. Muffins and scones used to be my favorite, especially walnut cranberry scones.

Well, what the hell am I to do now.

Enter 2 Good 2 B located in Encinitas

Their who we are page tells the story of Mike, a self proclaimed foodie, who was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2007 and his attempt at creating GF food that was more than edible, it was delicious.

They have cupcakes and cakes that are out of this world.  And we are not talking just the GF world.  People that have tried these don't know they are GF and still rave about the soft, moist texture of the cake.

Bread, they have that too (and sometimes croutons and breadcrumbs).  I have had the rosemary and the baguette.  Both delicious.

As far as muffins, I am a fan of the banana walnut.  They even stay good for about 3 days.  The first time I had one of these soft, moist muffins with just the right balance of bananas and nut I went back to the counter for a second.

Breakfast I have not done yet but the have waffles, muffins, panini's and toast.

For lunch I have had a pressed sandwich on their homemade bread.  This was the first sandwich I had had in over a month so I has a small place in my heart.  I thought, wow, I can have a sandwich made of bread - and it was delicious.  Turkey and cheese on the rosemary bread.  It hit the spot.

So if you are in the area stop in, I guarantee you will be happy.

Happy GF eating.

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