Sunday, October 23, 2011

My new Un-Gluten Life

I grew up eating everything and anything.  I would cook up a storm at home and that was always full of homemade pizza, pasta, cakes, cookies, bread, sandwiches - get the idea.  Then it hit me.

At age 38, out of the clear blue, like an anvil in some looney tunes cartoon falling out of the sky onto my head.  Days, then weeks of pain, stomach bloating, lethargy, weight loss.  Being a guy and being stubborn it took a while before I finally sought out medical intervention.

They thought maybe an ulcer.  Off to the endoscopy lab and down the throat with a scope.  Well, no ulcer and really not much of anything.

Until, the biopsy came back.  Looks like celiac disease.  Off to the lab for blood tests.  Yep, celiac disease.

Well, at least its not cancer.  Don't like that answer.  If it was cancer I could eat whatever I want.  But probably good it was not cancer.

After the disbelief, depression, anger, confusion and a few more weeks of eating gluten free before I felt better it was time to get started.

Damn, this is hard.  Have to clean the kitchen, search out gluten free food for the house and gluten free restaurants.  Time to get rid of the beer - the friends liked that one.

Its only been a few months but its getting better and easier.  Note, I did not say easy, but easier.

I thought I would keep a blog.  To remind me and let you know what I have learned.  So i'm gonna put down all of the things I have found, tried and taste tasted.  Things such as pizza dough, bread mixes, chips, treats, beer and give you my two cents.

The other thing is lunch.  It used to be easy to make a sandwich for work.  Now it takes a bit more time and ingenuity but i'm learning.  So I thought I would throw in my recipes so you can make them too.

Enjoy (but without the Gluten)

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