Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Gluten Free Life

I received a new magazine subscription as a gift - Gluten Free Living.

The third issue of 2012 just arrived, but the magazine has been around for decades.  The editor, Amy Ratner, has a daughter with Celiac Disease.  The magazine is a great source of information, articles, recipes and living.  They have a board of physicians and dietitians.  I also for the first time ever find myself looking at the ads.  I have found some new GF products that I had not heard of, and turned out to be pretty good.

 I learned about Whirl butter substitute.  Avoid it.  It is a butter substitute that contains gluten.  It is mainly a European product - be cautious when abroad.  I have asked restaurants if they use it but have never come across it in the States.

This month is pizza month.  They have dough recipes and different pizza combinations to try.

The also have a section called In the Mix.  I give special attention to Pure Tacos.  The magazine featured this 100% GF taco stand on the boardwalk in Ocean City, NJ.  They just opened another site in Center City Philadelphia.  It was started by a lawyer who was diagnosed in 2003 with CD and opened the restaurant.

They also had a story about GF Food Trucks - yes, Food Trucks.  In San Diego, we have lots of Food Trucks.  One thing I miss is the inability to walk into a store or up to a truck and order a taco, burger, etc.  It is great that Food Trucks are going the GF route.  The only one in California is Soho Taco in Orange County - but hopefully we will see more.

They now have an app for your iphone or iPad or you can sign up for a new subscription.  This is a magazine that will be useful to you in many ways.

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