Monday, August 20, 2012

Urban Solace

Urban Solace in North Park, San Diego was one of the first restaurants I went to after being diagnosed.  They offer a GF menu, and that was my main reason for going.  Our first trip out was educational too, because the waiter let us know about the fryers and cross contamination and even avoiding salads that are dressed in wooden bowls (they can be contaminated from croutons).  So obviously we have been back.

Look for their GF menus on their webpage on the bottom right.

We stopped in for lunch.  I let my server know about my dietary restrictions and got the GF menu from the hostess as we were seated.  I also spoke with the manager and he let me know that everything is GF except those main ingredients that are not.  For example, they use no soy sauce.  They also switched their worstechires sauce to a GF and vegan (no anchoivies) version.

I had the Creamy Tomato Fennel soup.  As always it was delicious.  It is topped with a bit of creme fraiche.  The non-GF version comes with a crouton (obviously, mine did not).  It is warm and filling.  A thick texture like a nice bisque.

For my entree I had grilled marinated chicken.  It is marinated with garlic, herbs and olive oil and not cooked on a surface that has any contact with bread.  It was accompanied by fresh roasted vegetables and quinoa topped with goat cheese.

It was delicious as always.  I also have been to and recommend their sister restaurant Solace.  They do not have a separate GF menu but I have been told that almost everything is GF and what is not GF can be made GF.  You need to work with the waiter and/or manager to get everything right.  I have been there only once but did not have any issues.

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