Monday, December 31, 2012

BOPS GF Potato Chips - On the Road Find #1

Visiting family is stressful but sometimes helpful.  The stress of cooking in a non-GF kitchen and finding restaurants that can cater to a GF diner is difficult.  Finding GF products that you are accustom to using is hard.

We usually pack some staples (pasta, snacks, oatmeal, etc) and send stuff.  This week we were visiting my parents in Florida and we sent down a box ahead of time with our favorites - peanut butter, risotto rice, GF quinoa, rice pasta and my pre-made flour blends.

Like all mothers with a son visiting - she felt the inner need to feed her child.

She did some shopping and understood how difficult it can be for someone who has to eat gluten free.  She visiting 6 different shopping markets and found some new items.  Some were good, some not so good.

First up.

BOPS oven baked Potato Snacks.  They are made by their parent company Good Boy Organics out of New York.  They produce non-GMO, organic, GF products.

They has an Organicasaurus cheddar snack that we will have to find for my kids.

We tried their BOBP potato snacks.  This looked and tasted like a ruffled baked potato.  It was made with potato starch, potato flakes, corn flour, sunflower oil, sea salt, sugar and yeast.  Sort of a GF Pringle.

We just arrived after a day of traveling and we were hungry.  The grill was on and we had steaks and baked potatoes cooking for dinner.  This bag of sea salt BOPS did not stand a chance.  It was devoured in record time and the kids and the adults wanted more.

We tried them again a few days later after visiting the shop where she bought them.  When we weren't starving they were not that special.  We picked up a bag of Cheddar flavor - and it tasted like cheddar flavor, not cheddar cheese.  It had a strange taste is all I can say - chemical-like.

If you are interested you can find them at Wegman's and Whole Foods Northeast.  As for the west coast I think I'll have to order them.  We'll order the Organicasauraus to give it a try but I'll stick with my Kettle chips when I crave a potato chip.

Crunch away,

The Un-Gluten Guy

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