Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Best GF Ice Cream Cones

I attended the Celiac Awareness Tour in Del Mar, California and stopped by the booth for Keil's Food Store.  They have two stores in San Diego and they offer a ton of GF products.

They had a sample of their GF items but one that I had not seen before was Goldbaums GF Ice Cream cones.  The have sugar cones, cocco cones and jumbo cones.  The also make meals and pasta and all are gluten free.

These are the best cones I have had, hands down.  Many GF cones are just terrible - but not Goldbaums.  Not one cone was broken, as many fragile GF products tend to break during shipping.

It was so good that I took a bite and went back to the box to make sure it was GF.  My wife and kids liked them too so they have become a staple in my house.

Unfortunately, others must have found out that these are good because the last time we went to Keil's they were sold out.  So if you are going to the store - leave me one box, please.

Scoop some ice cream in your cone,

The Un-Gluten Guy

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