Sunday, April 28, 2013

Mama's GF Chicken Tenders

One of things that is probably a staple for a child growing up in America is battered and fried chicken.  Whatever it is called or whatever shape it may come in, kids like it.  There are a few GF brands that you can buy and keep in your freezer but we wanted something a little more fresh and natural.

The nice thing about this is that it makes for a great hot meal the day it is prepared.  But, placed in the freezer it makes a great lunch or dinner when the kids are hungry or when time is limited - defrost - bake in toaster oven - place in front of hungry child - gone!

This is my wifes domain.  My wife usually gets this done when I'm at work and the kids are at school.  This time I was able to help a little because we were away on vacation.

This is not only for kids.  We use it for a quick pasta and chicken parmesan night.  I have made sandwiches with it - chicken parm, buffalo chicken & lettuce, tomato, onion with bbq sauce (we like Bone Suckin Sauce).

For starters buy some chicken.  We get a few pounds of boneless, skinless, organic farm raised chicken breasts.  If you are going to the trouble you might as well make a large batch that is good for about two weeks.  For this batch we were visiting my parents in Florida so we made enough for the week for both adults and kids.

Trim off any remaining skin or tendon and cut into your desired shape.  We usually make long slender strips.

Next, make a breading station.  We have really cool breading station tins that stack within one another for easy storage. (Here is the link to Williams-Sonoma but it says they are no longer available Breading Pans.)  At my parents we used paper plates to make clean up easy.  First plate with seasoned GF flour - seasoned with garlic powder, onion powder (we use Spicely) and salt.  Next, make an egg wash bowl.  Lastly, make a breading bowl or plate.  We use Ener G GF Bread Crumbs and usually have a few boxes in the house at all times.  It is seasoned with garlic powder, onion powder and salt.

Okay time to get dirty.  Chicken into the flour then dust off any excess.  Dip into the egg wash and let the excess drip off.  Into the bread crumb mixture.  Then into the oil - we usually use canola or sometimes peanut or grape-seed oil.  Brown each side.

Words of caution - Be careful of splatter when cooking with the hot oil and keep the little kids away.  Although our kids help with cooking this is one that is done sans-kids.  Make sure to clean your prep area and hands after using the raw chicken.  Chicken should be cooked to 165 degrees and usually is easily done if the pieces are small.

Viola, homemade chicken tenders are done.  Serve whatever you are eating for that meal.  Let the rest cool and then keep in freezer.  If you dump them in a bag and into the freezer it will become one large frozen mess; if you have room freeze them on a baking pan then store in a bag or container.  We usually keep them about 2-3 weeks before it is time for another batch.

Things to get
GF flour
GF Breadcrumbs (we use Ener G)
Seasonings (we use Spicely)
Oil (Canola, Peanut or Grape-seed)
lots of paper towels

Meal Ideas
chicken tenders with assorted dipping sauces (don't forget you Bone Suckin Sauce)
Chicken parmesan
Chicken Sandwich (made with Udi's hamburger buns)
Buffalo Chicken (use my buffalo sauce - recipe here)

Hope you enjoy,

The Un-Gluten Guy

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