Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Blue Point Restaurant

We had planned to go out to dinner on Saturday night but that didn't work out.  So we changed plans and went out Sunday, not the best night to eat out at restaurants, but we had a sitter.

We had planned to go to J Six in the Solamar Hotel in San Diego.  I have had good experiences here in the past.  We were seated and took a look at the menu.  I had one appetizer option - a GF salad.  For dinner I had a seared albacore tuna option but since I had just had really good sushi for lunch I was not in the mood for more.  Two red meat dishes but I am not a big red meat eater.  The chicken looked good but I was told they could not guarantee the risotto it came with was gluten free and a portion of the chicken was prepared confit and they could not guarantee that it was GF.  Well how about the chop - couldn't guarantee that the side of polenta was GF.  REALLY?!?  Why even list it on the menu as GF.

So we left.

Off to another restaurant we have been to before - Saltbox.  They are closed on Sunday and Monday.  The only two options on the bar menu that was GF was popcorn and olives.


We walked down fifth street and ran into a friend who had just left Blue Point where they were having Oysterfest.  We decided to try it.  What a great choice.

I asked the hostess if they could accommodate me with GF food and she said "yes, 100% sure."  I then realized it was one of the Cohn Restaurants and they have done a good deal of education in the past year, so we sat down.

Chris was our waiter and was very nice and helpful and took time to double check some items to make sure that they were GF.  I had the oysters of course, my wife started with the shrimp cocktail.  Six super fresh and delicious oysters (if you like oysters, which I do).  They were each different, with a nice brininess, texture and flavor.  There were two that really stood out but I can't remember which ones they were.  I did have some shrimp too which was good.  The horseradish is fresh ground in house and the cocktail sauce is house-made - both GF.

For dinner I had the Barramundi fish which was sauteed, served with a cauliflower puree and corn succotash with lima beans and peppers.  Super delicious.  The color and texture contrast of the succotash with the fish was great.

Joe the Chef (didn't catch his last name) even came over to the table after I was served the entree just to see how things were.  He let me know that everything was prepared GF and safe to eat.  Things like that do so much to put me at ease when I am eating out.

For dessert we split the Chocolate Truffle Cake which is GF and a flour-less chocolate cake served with homemade ice cream.  A nice ending to a great meal.

What started out looking like a disaster night turned out to be great.  We had a nice stroll through downtown San Diego, ran into a friend, tried a new restaurant, had a great GF meal with excellent company.

Try this place out - I think you will really enjoy it,

The Un-Gluten Guy

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