Saturday, February 11, 2012


The one thing I miss are a cabinet full of snacks.  I was keen for Triscuits and Cheez-Its but obviously those are out now.

So we went on the hunt for new varieties and as you can guess some are better than most.  I am really sensitive to a Gluten Free label is not always enough, when they are made in factories that process wheat I sometimes react.

We tried Blue Diamonds Nut-Thins and they taste good.  Thin, crunchy and nutty and the cheese one is tasty (kids like them too).  Unfortunately for me every time I eat them I react a bit.  They are labeled as made in a factory that processes wheat - so I'm not sure if that is it or something else but I stopped eating them.

Glutinos' crackers are a hit.  Think of a Ritz cracker.  Crispy, light and a few flavors.  My wife loves them.

Hol-Grain was one I found recently.  Not a hit.  Dry, not very tasty.  I'd skip it.

Crunchmaster is my new favorite.  Crispy, crunchy and tasty.  I'd eat these and not even know they are GF.  I would have no problem offering them to a friend with a disclaimer that they are GF.  Definitely pick these up.

Sesmark rice crisps.  Not bad in taste and much better that the Edward & Sons.  My concern is that they clearly state that they are made in a facility that processes wheat although they routinely test batches to make sure that the gluten is less than 20 ppm.  Me, I choose not to even take the risk.

The Winner, in the cracker aisle sporting the yellow bag - Crunchmaster (they have a $1 coupon on the website).

Good Eating,

The Un-Gluten Guy


  1. If you miss saltines try Yehuda gluten free matzo. I LOVE them. And although you will be lucky to get a box that doesn't have at least half of them broken, they are, in my opinion, worth the hassle of eating odd shapes!

  2. I agree. A thinner, crunchier saltine. I blogged about it on Jan 17th and just recently saw them on the shelf at our local Vons. But I have opened 3 boxes and lots of broken pieces.