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VEG or Vertical Earth Gardens is a local Southern California company that specializes in vertical (duh) hydroponic gardens great for growing your own, well, everything.

In going GF I wanted to know where everything that I eat is coming from and even though herbs and vegetables are "safe" it was nice to know that we can grow them in our own backyard pesticide free.  And, nothing is fresher than freshly picked.

We first saw this at Kitchen 1540 in Del Mar; we were there actually before I was diagnosed, so I can't comment on their GF food.  Sitting outside we saw a kitchen worker come out with a large metal bowl and they started clipping off herbs.  I walked over to two massive VEG structures full of all sorts of herbs and lettuce.

There was a tiny sign about the maker - The Vertical Earth Gardens.

We did some research and learned more and thought that this would be a great thing for us.  Usually the backyard is filled in the summer with overgrown pots of herbs, tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers.  The difficult part was continually watering them on hot days and keeping animals from getting to them since they were on the ground.  Unfortunately, our backyard is not big enough to put in a large garden.

Enter the VEG.  Freestanding, easy to maintain and it uses a lot less water.

Mark from VEG was helpful in getting us set up.  We picked the colors and he fabricated the whole thing and sent us pictures of it being made.  He sent us a list of the winter plant options (we can fit 28 plants in our 6 x 6) and we picked an assortment.  I came home from work one day and the whole thing was installed.

It took a few weeks to get it right.  Mark was out to test the water weekly and he had to tweak the fertilizer mixture.  Once it got dialed in we were growing in our backyard.

This is a picture of it early on.  It has filled in a lot since things have grown.

We have a few pots of lettuce and regularly go out and fill up a bowl with lettuce leaves for our salad.  We have rosemary, thyme, sage and cilantro.  We have had a few winter tomatoes, cabbage, kale and a fennel plant that is growing now.  I can't wait for summer when we have even more options to choose from.

If you are not in Southern California you can probably find a local company or put it together yourself. But nothing beats eating food you grow.

The Un-Gluten Guy

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