Saturday, February 18, 2012

Travel Anxiety

So I have a trip coming up.  Used to be the difficulty was in booking flights, car rental, a place to stay and packing.

That's easy now.  The real issue - what am I going to eat?  Where am I going to eat?  When can I get to the supermarket and will they have what my market has?  How much food should I bring?

The plane ride is easy.  I always bring food, but now instead of a sandwich its a GF buffet.

I'll pack nuts, some GF bars, and fruit.  I'm also going to put together a quinoa salad with some tomatoes, cucumbers, feta cheese and a vinaigrette.

But like you have done I've already browsed the internet for restaurants, checked the hotel dining services, looked for local blogs and lost some sleep thinking about it.

But I'll let you know how it goes.  If I can find a few restaurants that can serve up a protein with some vegetables without cross contaminating my plate I'll do fine and hopefully find some cool restaurants in the meantime.

Time to pack,

The Un-Gluten Guy


  1. We travelled for three weeks over Christmas. We just rented a hotel room with a kitchen and cooked for ourselves. The worst part was visiting/staying with friends and relatives, when I couldn't control the food. Our friends were very careful, but my mother in law glutened me (cross-contamination) right at the end of the trip, and I was so ill I was afraid they wouldn't let me fly. Of course, I'm sensitive enough I could hire myself out as a gluten detector, so YMMV. Sounds like you may be less sensitive if you can actually eat at restaurants...

  2. I hear you. When I go out it is by calling ahead, speaking to a manager and researching others experiences. At each restaurant I talk to the waiter, ask for the manager, sometimes speak with the chef and question the runners when they bring the food. By being a royal pain I have been lucky in SD, but as you can see from my Philadelphia post - I wasn't so lucky there. Looks like traveling will include a place with my own kitchen in the future.

  3. I realized after I wrote this that my long list of food allergies (including tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, and citrus) makes eating out more difficult for me than for the average gluten intolerant/celiac person. Find me a gluten free baked good without potato starch, or a marinaded meat dish without citrus or peppers. The few times I've (successfully) eaten out I've emailed with the chef in advance, and they've put together a few dishes that I could eat. This really only works in quite expensive restaurants, though, which isn't generally in the budget. So I cook. Good thing I can cook! I do miss eating out, though.