Sunday, June 24, 2012

Erewhon Cereal

I used to have cravings for cereal.  Not Seinfield like, but occasionally I would want a bowl of raisin bran or cherrios.  That is out now.

We have tried many different brands but I recently picked up a new brand and I am very happy with it.  Erewhon Cereal is produced by Attune Foods.  This is also the same company that makes Uncle Sam Cereal.

I tried their Gluten Free Corn Flakes.

They were good, crunchy, crisp and tasted like - well - corn flakes.  Add milk, I like a sprinkle of sugar or banana slices and my taste buds are happy.

As far as the GF status, this is what it says on their website:

All of our gluten free cereals are made in a facility that while it's not free of wheat, does practice good cross contamination prevention. Our gluten free cereals do share lines with gluten and wheat, so we have several steps in process to help prevent cross-contamination. Prior to running the gluten free products, the machinery is sanitized and thoroughly washed. After the gluten free cereal is made, it is tested to ensure it is less than 20 ppm of gluten. We sent our cereals to a separate facility to test how low the gluten levels were and found them to be under 5 ppm.  Our Erewhon gluten free cereals were certified gluten free by GIG in late 2010.

I also picked up their GF Crispy Brown Rice.  This one was good.  I like it even better than the GF Rice Krispies.

Regarding the GF status of the Crispy Rice this is what it says on their website:

 Crispy Brown Rice- Gluten Free cereal is sweetened with gluten free organic brown rice syrup instead of barley malt and is certified gluten free. (Although some brown rice syrup is made with a barley enzyme and is not gluten free, the brown rice syrup we use does not contain this barley enzyme and is gluten free.)

The have a few other kinds on their website but I didn't see them in the store by me.  I could only find them at Bristol Farms in San Diego.

They also have an Attune GF Dark Chocolate Probiotic Bar.  I need to find that and try it out.

The Un-Gluten Guy

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