Sunday, July 22, 2012

Oatmeal etc

What's for breakfast?  Cereal, toast, yogurt, a smoothie; well, sometimes I have oatmeal.  On the weekend there is time to cook it but during the week I bring instant to work.

On of the early ones I tried which has stood my test of time is Gluten Freeda.  I have tasted all of their flavors but I tend to favor the apple cinnamon.  It is simple to prepare with some hot water and a few minutes.  It has a good taste without being overly sweet.  The texture is soft but with a bite or chew - the way that oatmeal should be.

A new one that I tried recently was Simpli.  It was promising - an apicot flavor for the morning sounded  good.  Unfortunately, it fell flat.  The texture was more simpler to a stage 1 baby food - completely mush.  The apricot flavor left something to be desired.  I removed this from the lineup of breakfast options.
How about rolled oats?  Montana Monster Munchies Legacy Valley rolled oats are an option.  They are sold on amazon but I found them in a GF shop in Southern California.  I nice bowl of oats tastes like this.  You can toast them first for a nuttier flavor.  I toasted them and used them in a GF recipe for Girl Scout cookie Do-si-do's.  My daughter and her girl scout friends loved them.

Who could forget Bob's Red Mill.  For steel cut oats this is my go to bag.  On a Sunday I'll cook the oats then mash in a banana and place fresh berries overtop.  Then I melt some butter and mix with honey and pour overtop.

Hungry yet?  Go eat,

The Un-Gluten Guy

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