Monday, March 18, 2013

Oregon - Portland and Nehalem

I had a fishing trip planned to Coastal Oregon through SoCal Fly Fishing and guided by Rob Crandall of Watertime Outfitters.  We went up for winter steelhead which are a tough fish to catch.  I had a great time, learned a lot and hooked one fish but it jumped and twisted and rolled and I lost it so I don't have a picture to show off - maybe next time.

What about the food?

I did bring a bunch of stuff - oatmeal, bars, tunafish, chocolate bars and applesauce packets.  When I arrived in Portland I stopped at two GF bakery/cafe and Whole Foods.

First on the trip was Tula Bakery.  This is a dedicated GF bakery and cafe that is very close to the airport.  I had their banana bread which was very good, moist and tasty.  Next up was a blueberry tart with oats which was very good too.

I also had a ham and cheese roll which was a cross between a stromboli and a crepe.  This was super delicious and if I wasn't full I would have eaten a second.  I picked up a sea salt chocolate chip cookie that was supposed to be good but I didn't care for the texture.  Overall their food was very good and a great place to hit after getting off a plane in Portland.

Next up Whole Foods.  There are a number of Whole Foods in and around Portland.  My main agenda was to find Harvest Brewing beer.  I was able to pick up their IPA and their Dark Ale.  Their Dark Ale is made with roasted chestnuts which give off a chocolately-coffee like flavor.  It was good but 22 oz was a little much.  I was thinking mixed with a scoop of GF cappuccino chip ice cream it would be great.  Their IPA was off the wall.  I have found good GF beer in New Planets Off Grid and Epics' Glutenator but this has to be my favorite GF beer yet.  It just tasted like an IPA not a GF IPA.  It was so good I plan on ordering a case.

Stop number three was New Cascadia Traditional Bakery.  Another dedicated GF bakery/cafe.  I picked up a muffin and chocolate cupcake for the next day and although a day old when I ate them they were both delicious.  I made my way there for lunch and had a pepperoni pizza.  This was out of this world.  The crust was a pizza crust, not a crisp cracker like some GF doughs and it had the right amount of "chew."  What really made it great was the tomato sauce - incredible.

From Portland I headed west to the town of Nehalem.  This is a small coastal town north of Tillamook and south of Sea Side.  I was lucky enough to find The Pizza Garden in Nehalem on Find Me Gluten Free.  I called in advance and the woman I spoke with was super helpful, assured me that they are very cautious and has a gluten sensitivity herself.  When I arrived I met her as well as the owner who has a background in nutrition.  You will not go hungry here.

They have GF crusts and you can have all of the pizza except the meatball pizza.  They make GF soup from scratch.  You can have pasta and lasagna - they use Tinkyada.  They also serve GF beer.  I had the pizza and ate the leftovers for lunch the days that I was fishing.

I will stop back here every time I am in the area and you should too.  The view of the Nehalem river is a nice site while you enjoy your meal.

There you have it - Gluten Free in Oregon.  I have some plans for some more fishing trips and I'll keep you up to date with what I find.

Until next time,

The Un-Gluten Guy

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