Saturday, March 16, 2013

SaltBox Restaurant - A Re-Visit

We went out a few weeks ago with friends and we decided to go to Saltbox.  I have posted about them here and here.  Both of those go into a lot of detail so I won't bore you with the same background information.

I had a great meal that was made better by great company.

I had the brussel sprout salad which I have had before.  When you order this item GF it should not have fried parsley on it (it is deep fried in a fryer used for gluten containing items).  This was good as usual.

Next I had the pumpkin soup.  This was good, rich and creamy.  It was served with a chesnut cream and herb oil.  The broth they use is made in house from scratch and gluten free - I asked.

Next up was my entree.  I had the Jidori Chicken.  I have had the Jidori chicken before prepared in a different way that was GF so I was surprised to see it listed on the menu as TG (trace gluten).  I asked our server and she said the reason they list it as TG is because they confit the leg and the oil is not GF.  I asked further about the truffle grits that is served with the dish.  They checked and told me they use Hodgson Mills and it lists that it is made on a lined shared with wheat so they would omit the grits.  They roasted the breast and leg and it was very good.

For desert I had their Pot de creme which is made in house from scratch.  It is a favorite of mine.

A good meal and very knowledgable and helpful staff.

Until next time,

The Un-Gluten Guy

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