Saturday, January 7, 2012

Roppongi in La Jolla

I used to visit Roppongi every so often.  It is an Asian style restaurant with European influences, a sushi bar and indoor and outdoor eating.  They have a large tapas style menus with other apps and entrees.

I actually saw a post on Gluten Free in SD.  They had a meeting there and had a good experience.  So after being away for a while I decided to give it a try.  We went to check it out on weekday for lunch.

Gluten Free menu?  Check.  One star for that.  It stated that the kitchen staff has been trained in gluten allergies and Celiac disease and they make every effort to prevent cross contamination.  You can download it from their website

The waiter was knowledgeable about celiac disease and knew the GF menu.  One star there

The menu offered a few soups, salads and entrees and about 10 tapas.  We ordered the hummus with lamb served with cucumber chips (they offer pita on the regular menu).  We also had the crab stack, it was delicious.
Next, the shisito peppers which has a nice char but the sauce on the side not necessary.  Last, we had the ahi poke.  The poke was served on cucumber slices, I remember having this with chips in the past.

All of the dishes were good.  The server presented each dish as GF, which is something that is missing at a lot of restaurants.  I hate asked every time a dish comes out if it is GF so when they let me know it give me piece of mind that there is communication between the wait staff and the kitchen.  One star.

Overall we had a good experience, the taste of the food was good to great so I'll give the food 1.5 stars out of two.

You can see the new trend - stars.  I am going to borrow this idea from the Bronskis' website No Gluten No Problem  What I'm going to do is use the following

GF Menu up to one star
Waitstaff knowledgeable up to one star
Dishes being served by stating that it is GF (this is going to be hard for each restaurant to earn) up to one star but something I think is important
Food: taste, quality and presentation up to 2 stars

So Roppongi did great at 4.5 stars.

The Un-Gluten Guy

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