Thursday, January 5, 2012


I like sushi.  Nothing goes better with sushi than beer and sake.  Well, now that some of my favorite beers are off the table what do I have left?  Sake?  Maybe.

So sake is rice wine so should be safe, but what happens in the brewing process.  It is known as the "Drink of the Gods."  They first polish the rice.  This picture shows the unpolished rice above and the polished rice below.

Sake is made with rice, water, sugar and Koji.  Different sakes are produced with different purtiy.  There are sakes that are made with added alcohol : Hojonzo, Ginjo-Sake and Dai Ginjo Sake I would avoid these.

The sake that is made with rice without added alcohol are Junmai-Sake, Junmai-Ginjo and Junmai-Dai-Ginjo.

If you have ever had sake in the US you probably have had Gekkeikan.  I like Gekkeikan Silver.  I contacted the company and they responded that all of their sake is Gluten Free and the produce only sake in their factory and there is no risk of cross contamination.

I have also found Rock Sake and Ty Ku Sake as reported to be Gluten Free.  I could not verify this information on their website so I have contacted them and I am waiting to hear back.  I am also waiting to hear from Takara.

The Steamy Kitchen has a great article about sake that is worth reading if you want to learn more about sake.

I'll add as I find more verified GF Sake.

1/7/12:  I heard back from Adrian Molina from Ty Ku Sake.  He reports that the sake is 100% Gluten Free but the Spirits and Soju are not.  The Sake is produced in a separate facility in Japan thus no risk of cross contamination.


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  1. great article:)
    just wanted to add that sake is 100% gluten free as long as it's premium sake like ginjo, junmai etc.
    so it's not like certain brands are okay or you have to check the manufacturers everytime you drink sake!