Sunday, March 25, 2012

Always on Guard

So we went out last night.  Early dinner and out to see a show - Mixed Tape.  If you haven't seen it, you should - it was great.

We went to Saltbox where I had a great experience if you read my other post about the restaurant.  Since I have been there the produced a GF menu (they also have a vegan / vegetarian menu).

I ordered the roasted nuts with espelette pepper and they were tasty.  I love espelette pepper, a nice smokey, spicy seasoning.

For dinner I ordered what I had last time: the roasted sprout salad and Devil's chicken.

Remember I was here before with a great GF experience and we had the same waitress and she put in the order as GF.  Out came the runner with my food.  In retrospect she didn't offer it to me as GF, but it was a salad, right?  We were having a good time, talking, and I was hungry.

I took a few bites and then got a crunch.  Oh no! There were a few bits of fried parsley on the salad.  I didn't remember that from last time.  I found the waitress.  I could tell by the immediate look on her face that it came out wrong and she promptly took it away.  I have never been a person to be scared or nervous but this and the other time it happened to me (at Raya in Laguna) my heart sank and I felt scared about how I am going to feel for the next few days and what damage it might do to my GI tract.

They profusely apologized.  The waitress, chef and manager all came over and although there was nothing they could do at that point they all apologized.  The chef prepared me a fresh salad - it was delicious and my chicken came out - GF of course.  They didn't even charge us for the meal, and they really hoped we would come back.

So, its the next morning.  I made it through the show and right now I'm not having any symptoms.  Luckily it was one piece of parsley and they had cleaned the fryer that day and potatoes had been in them but no other fried foods that day.  I'll try it again, I'm sure it won't happen again.  For me, even when I feel comfortable somewhere I am still going to question everything and I'll go back to asking to speak to the chef or manager before I eat so I know that the kitchen is aware of my eating restrictions.

The Un-Gluten Guy

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