Thursday, March 1, 2012

Beer vs. Beer

You can see my previous beer post, where in the name of science I tried every GF beer I could find.  The winner

New Planet's Off Grid Pale Ale

I have to confess I like darker beers, always have and always will (miss them).  In the tasting of the GF beers (Bards, Red Bridge, New Grist, Green's and St. Peters) I found them to be light, fruity and well, just not very beer-like.

I was happy to hear that Dogfish came out with their first GF beer - Tweason'ale

I thought coming from a great beer company that this would be a great GF beer.  It pours light and honey colored.  The beer drinks the same - light.  The taste of strawberry and honey definitely come out.

I personally didn't care for it.  For a summer ale or for women or for men who like a lighter, fruiter beer this may be right up your alley.

For me, the winner is still New Planet's Off Grid.  I am looking forward to another challenger.  Epic Brewing from Utah is said to be coming out with "The Glutenator."  I hear it should be out in March so I'll let you know soon as I find it and taste it.

The Un-Gluten Guy

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