Thursday, March 15, 2012


So, if you haven't seen some of my other posts - I like to cook.  But sometimes I am just too tired or there is nothing left to cook with and my back up frozen foods are gone or just not what I want to eat.

So, I'm always looking for something to keep in the house for just those instances.

I'm walking through Bristol Farms the other day and these bowls by Evol Foods caught my eye.

They are located in Boulder, Colorado and make some tasty stuff.

I picked up three of their bowls:  Bean & Cheese Enchilada, Chicken Enchilada and Teriyaki Chicken.  All of these bowls are Gluten Free.  There is also a Fire Grilled Steak Bowl on their website but I did not see it at the store.

Once home I needed to taste test one of them so into the microwave it goes.  And...........

It was good, much better than I expected and way better than you would think for a microwave meal.  It obviously didn't look as appealing as the photo on the box, but looks aside it tasted good.  If looks are that important to you, eat it in the dark.

I still have the Teriyaki and the Bean and Cheese in the freezer but I am hoping that when the time comes they stand up to the taste test.

If you need to fill up the freezer or maybe need a quick meal for work that you can throw in the microwave - pick these up.

The Un-Gluten Guy

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