Saturday, November 26, 2011

C Level / Island Prime

The Cohn Family owns a number of Southern Cali restaurants and I have eaten at a few, including 333 Pacific, Prado, Indigo Grill and Corvette Diner (we have kids).  C Level is within the Island Prime building but a more casual dining experience all located at the end of Harbor Island.

This was my first time going back since being diagnosed and I'll give them an overall grade of a B; let me explain.

We called ahead.  Yes, they have a separate GF menu.  The chef even got on the phone with my wife and asked if I had Celiac and to ask for him when we arrived so he could be sure that there was no cross contamination.  He said they had a separate GF fryer.

So this is where things go downhill.  After arriving I asked for the GF menu.  First three items: fried potato chips, french fries, and tuna stack with fried taro chips.  But they have a GF fryer right?  I ordered the tuna stack (did not have soy sauce, I checked) and the chicken.  I asked the waitress to have the chef come out because he had said to ask for him when we arrived.  I also told her I had Celiac Disease and I saw her write it on the check.

No chef and out comes the tuna stack with the taro chips.  I asked the runner for the waitress or chef.  In comes the manager, Jeff, I believe.  When I gave him the story he quickly took the dish back, saying that I could not have anything from the fryer (but didn't the chef say they had a GF fryer?).  I told him I was also having the chicken and he said he would pull the ticket and inform the chef/kitchen.

Most times at this point I would be done and would have waited to eat at home but he said they have just been educated.  He told us they had a Doctor come in and go over Celiac Disease with the whole restaurant staff (but my waitress was not there that day, I was told).  He said they were very concerned about those with Celiac and surprised at how common it was.  I felt better at this point.

The tuna stack returned now over a bed of sliced cucumbers and it was delicious.

Out came the Chicken with a spicy, smoky rub over spinach and mashed potatoes.  This was moist and tasty.  Once again the runner, my feared weak link, did not mention my dish was GF and was not really sure what I was talking about.

Test complete: no symptoms.  So based on the initial fumbles I gave them a C for execution but due to their comeback and the recent effort to educate the staff I gave them an A for effort for an overall grade of B.  They should update their GF menu - Do you or do you not have a GF fryer?  It sounds like they have GF food but will adjust that for those with Celiac Disease.  I'll try it again but I'll ask for the manager first (which I do at some restaurants).

Hopefully, C Level and others can find a way to pass the info from the kitchen to the runners so that when the food hits the table the allergen free dish is verbally introduced as GF - it makes eating out a less stressful experience.

The Un-Gluten Guy

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