Monday, November 28, 2011


So I heard, or I should say my wife heard, about this company called Udi's.  They are based in Denver, Colorado.  They are not only a Gluten Free Food company but by looking at their website they are truly interested in those with Celiac Disease.  They have a forum, they have a step by step for those recently diagnosed and a page reviewing the signs and symptoms of the disease.  You should also check out the article today (11/28/2012) in the NY Times on going GF.

We picked up some frozen bagels although I have not tried them yet.  But I did get a chance to try their whole grain bread.  I have tried a few GF breads and they were horrible - and that is being nice.  I have made my own but it usually only lasts a day or so.  Being that I have just made 3 loaves of bread for stuffing and cooked for Thanksgiving the last thing I wanted to do was cook more bread.  In comes Udi's to the rescue for my leftover sandwich.
Let's just say it was a welcome surprise as to how good it was.  I toasted the bread and spread some of my homemade cranberry sauce, topped with stuffing and turkey and it hit the spot.  It was so good I went back and made another.  This would be great for morning toast and probably for french toast too.

A staple we used to keep around the house for a quick snack for me and the kids was frozen pizza.  Now that frozen pizza is out we needed an alternative.  Udi's to the rescue again.
Udi's frozen GF Pizza Crust is a must have for your freezer.  We top it with homemade sauce, cheese and sometimes pepperoni and into the toaster oven for 8 minutes and viola - pizza.  The kids like it, our nephew was over and downed have a pizza and he is 3.  Great for a late night snack once the kids are in bed and I have even made it and brought it to work for lunch the next day.

I am looking forward to trying their hotdog and hamburger rolls.  They also just released cookies, which if they are as good as their other products, may just be our go to cookie when we are out of homemade.

Good GF Eating,

The Un-Gluten Guy

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