Friday, November 11, 2011


If you are in a rush let me get right to the point.  If you have Celiac Disease DO NOT go here.

I am sad to say that because before I was diagnosed I have eaten there and liked the food.  Chef Jason Knibb does a great job, BUT.

We went for dinner and we were meeting friends.  Called in advance and spoke with the manager who said that although there is not a GF menu but to let the server know and they would communicate that to the kitchen.  Sounds good so far, right?  I thought so too.

Sit down at the table and asked the waiter if he could direct me to what was GF on the menu.  He bends down to look at my menu with a big UM?  Soon as he started with "I think"  I should have walked.  But you know the situation, I am out with friends, don't want to make a scene, and I'm hungry.  After pointing out that I could have the farro I let him know that farro was part of the wheat family, a whole grain form, and is something I have to avoid we moved on.

Lets say I have the parsnip soup and the swordfish I asked.  Please check with the kitchen and let me know if it is GF.  I reminded him nothing fried (i.e. from the fryer).

We are all good, he says the kitchen says that both are GF.  Out comes the amuse bouche.  I check with the server and I'm good, parsnip puree, apple and truffle.  And it was good.

Apps hit the table, parsnip soup.  Good.  Not great but good, garnished with pork belly and some pickled veg.

Dinner arrives.  Okay what is the fried garnish?  Fried salsify I'm told.  I nicely let him know that I can't eat from the fryer if anything has gone in the fryer with wheat.  I hear the ever common comment - "Oh, you are that sensitive?"  Nicely, I say yes, I have celiac disease and I'll have 3 days of pain if I have any contact to wheat.  I want to say, yes you jackass that is what I told you when I started.  Nine-Ten is that your IQ, somewhere between 9 and 10.

Now, I have been to other restaurants, told them I have celiac and they not only pick out the menu item but say sorry but I can't have anything from the fryer.

If you are curious as to what Salsify here is a picture.  It is a root veg, looks like but does not taste like carrots.

I should have just sent it back and had a glass of wine.  I allowed him to take it back and re-plate.  Oh, I ordered the swordfish, the side dish was broccoli with potatoes with fried salsify.

Now I'm starving, the other members of our party are eating and my food comes back.  At first glance looks okay.  I eat the swordfish and then look - Salsify in the broccoli.  Crap, they must have picked it off.  I call over the waiter and and he says he watched them re-plate.  What that actually means I don't know but as far as I'm concerned it means they did a half assed job of protecting their diner.

Needless to say I skipped dessert.

Maybe the Chef doesn't know what celiac disease is, maybe the staff is un-educated, maybe I just got the worst waiter.  In any event - I am not going back and would recommend avoiding it if you have Celiac.

The Un-Gluten Guy, hungry, at home, eating Rice Chex and hoping I don't feel like crap tomorrow but already don't feel great.

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