Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Pressure Cookers

So my new kitchen gadget is a pressure cooker.  I had been talking about getting one for years and finally my wife went out and bought one for me.  We got the Cuisinart electric pressure cooker and at first I thought, "no I wanted an on the stove pressure cooker like all the cool chefs on t.v. have.  I have to admit this is a nice product.  I can program it and take the dog for a walk or go to the park with the kids and it will shut off and stay warm (you still have to relieve the pressure but it gives you some leeway).

The pressure cooker purchase came about due to beans.  I wanted beans for my dishes and the more I looked into canned beans, many were processed in a factory that processes wheat.

I contacted Organics, which is a branch of Safeway.  After three emails going back and forth about what store did I buy the can at, what was the bar code number, etc I gave up.  Either they are or they are not and if some of the beans are processed in a factory with wheat I am not touching any of them.

SW Beans: "Yes, wheat is present in the manufacturing facility." was their response.

Many cans that I looked at in all of the supermarkets list on the label that they are processed in a factory that processes wheat.  I know some of you have not had any issue with canned beans but I'm not taking a chance with cross contamination.

So back the pressure cooker, I needed a way to cook dry beans at home - quickly.

Well, this is now super easy thanks to my handy, dandy new pressure cooker.

Dish #1 - Hummus.  I pressure cooked some dried garbanzo beans for 30 minutes.  Then into the strainer and off to the food processor with lemon, tahini, garlic, salt and parsley.  Delicious.

I found a company Gold Mine Natural Foods for my beans - they list that they are Gluten free.

They have a lot of GF products that you can order online.  I found mine at Jimbo's.

Dish #2 - Chili.  I pressure cooked Kidney beans, 20 minutes.  I then used the browning button and seared the mean in the cooker then put it aside after it was browned.  Then into the cooker some oil, onions and peppers.  Then added chopped tomatoes, meat, beans, tomato juice, tomato pasta and seasoning.  I used salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, chili powder and smoked paprika.  On with the lid and now on low pressure cooking for an hour.  Yum.  This was lunch on Sunday and lunch for work and I still had some left over that I froze for a last minute meal.

Well, hope that stirs up some ideas for you.  I'll be creating more and more with the pressure cooker and if I come up with some great recipes I'll let you know.

The UGG (Un-Gluten Guy)

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