Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My Wife

I have to say I really do love her.  She has been great through all of this.  I would hope that I would be as accomodating as she has been but I can be a bit hard headed.

She was the one that saw that something was wrong but backed off and gave me space for a while.  She eventually pushed me to see someone and since the diagnosis she has been great.

Our house now is probably 90% GF and moving to 100%.

It's expensive.  We threw out or gave away wood cutting boards and tons of food.  The next expensive issues was buying and tasting GF food.  We tasted many things only to throw them away because of how bad they tasted.

Currently we have one cabinet of "gluten" foods (kid cereal, dog treats (they have flour too so I have to be careful handling them - but we are going to GF dog and cat food), and some snacks).

But we have found a ton of GF snack, chips and treats.  Enviro kids cereal has been great for me and the kids but more on that another time.

She has watched my weight more than I have and she has encouged me to eat as I have felt better.  I am almost back to where I started.  A bowl of ice cream every night probably helps.

She has gone through cabinet after cabinet cleaning all of the pots, pans and then scrubbing the cabinet down.  We have a few more drawers to do but the kitchen is GF clean.

I can't thank her enough for how supportive she has been.  She was the one who found the GF Expo here in SD that we went to (see other post for that one).  She has changed how and where she shops.  She has started cooking differently too.  Although the kids had blood tests which were normal she has tweaked their diets and found equivalent tasting food that is GF so they don't even know the difference and we don't have to worry about "Gluten Crumbs."

Well, today she is off to pick up our GF pies for Thanksgiving.  I'll fill you in on our GF Turkey Day in another post.

But tomorrow being Thanksgiving, I am sure thankful for her.

The Un-Gluten Guy

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