Saturday, November 12, 2011

SD GF Food Expo

Today was the 1st ever GF Expo in San Diego and we got there.  Boy was it raining hard.

Inside there were many vendors with lots of things to taste.  I can't touch on everything but I'm gonna give you my favorites.

I'll start with Mountain Mike's Pizza.  Let didn't have any to try but I've seen there ads and website and was curious.  The owner said his daughter has Celiac Disease.  They have the dough produced offsite to prevent contamination.  The sauce and other bins of toppings for the GF pizza is kept separate and remade everyday.  The flour used in the entire place to prevent sticking is corn flour.  I am definitely gonna try this one.

As far as bars.  I have been using Lara Bars or Think Thin.  A company that I saw today was PureFit.  These were really good.  I tried the berry almond crunch and almond crunch.  They look like the texture of old power bars but taste good.  For athletes the are 40/30/30.  I'll definitely pick these up.

Cookies.  There were so many my kids were walking past cookies and cupcakes at the end - they actually had enough.  The Pure Pantry stood out.  I have made their pancakes before and they were good.  Today I tried their sugar cookies and you could not tell they were GF.  They are a local company based out of Encinitas so I would strongly recommend trying their stuff.
Mac and cheese.  Me I would prefer pasta and a homemade 4 cheese sauce but my kids were kraft kids.  We have tried other brands but they have not liked them.  Pastariso had their GF microwavable mac and cheese and the kids loved it.  Great for a quick snack and you can buy it on Amazon.
The Sauce Goddess.  We tried her Sticky Sweet grill sauce and it was out of this world.  The other flavors were good too.  She said they are available at Sprouts.  She said there is a GF and non-GF bottle for each style so be sure to pick up the jar that says Gluten Free.

My favorite Bakery was there 2 Good 2 B.  I had a new cookie that I have not had before, the cranberry walnut, and it was good.  There was also a table for Three Senses Gourmet.  The offer basically a flour-less cake/soufflĂ© in oven safe plastic that you throw in the oven.  These were a hit with all of us.  A great freezer item for when you get a chocolate craving.

As far as restaurants two new ones that I found were The Trails and Casa de Bandini.  The Trails is on Jackson in San Diego and offers a GF menu (you can find it on the website) - I'll try this place.  The longest line was was for Casa de Bandini in Carlsbad.  They have a large GF menu on their website and they were serving up plate after plate of food at the Expo.

Speaking of Mexican I think I have found my tortillas.  The French Meadow Bakery is based in Georgia.  We found them at Jimbo's and Ralphs.  The tortillas were perfect.  Even though you can find corn tortillas the risk of cross contamination has kept me away.  These tasted like a flour tortilla and were so good, the kids even circled around for a second round of quesadillas.  They also offer cookies, brownies, pizza crusts and bread.

If you missed it this year you missed out.  I hope they have another one next year and based on the turn out I will expect an even bigger space because it was packed.  I only wish they would allow sales at the venue because they were not allowed to sell products this year.

Hope you find this helpful, I know I did.

The Un-Gluten Guy

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