Wednesday, November 9, 2011

GF Cooking. The never ending battle

My wife says it's good that I like to cook.

I have always liked to cook.  It is a way to relax and I like my food.  Only now I have to change what I cook.

So this weekend we had rain.  An uncommon occurance in Southern California but a great reason to stay in the kitchen.

I made another batch of Brownies from Ad Hoc (see my other post on Brownies).

I made my French Onion soup.  I use a combination of yellow onions, a few sweet onions and leeks.  I cook them down slowly until they just about carmelize.  I add beef broth and some fresh thyme and bay leaves.

As for the cruoton, I made a loaf of GF bread, nothing special.  It worked great for a panini style grilled cheese with gruyere, provalone, swiss and mozarella. and now I had something for my soup

A thin slice of toasted bread on top of the soup then covered with a slice of gruyere and under the broiler until bubbling. YUM.

Then, another way to do chicken.  Green Curry.  I start with some oil in a pan, wack a stalk of lemongrass and let it simmer then add carrots and onions.  After this a bit of green curry paste.
I like Thai Kitchen stuff, I have used it for years and it even labels itself as GF.  Then add chicken broth, coconut milk, fish sauce (also from Thai Kitchen and also GF), brown sugar, potatoes and chicken.  Let it come to a boil then reduce and simmer.  Great over rice, great for lunch and great for leftovers.

Hope that helps with a few more Un-Glutened foods.  This saturday 11/12/2011 in San Diego there is a GF food Expo

The Un-Glutened Guy

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